Why You Should Donate Your Books

So many readers have a collection of all the books they have read on a bookshelf. They hang on to books that they have read, and are not likely to read again. While it may look nice to have a full bookshelf, there are more benefits to donating those books.

By handing used books over to used bookstores or charity organizations, more people can have access to books at a lower price, or even for free! For example, when a person donates a book to a Goodwill Store, the book is sold at a considerably lower price than a typical bookstore, sometimes for just a dollar or two. This means that communities can benefit from the books that have already been read and are no longer serving a purpose, besides collecting dust on a shelf.

Educators emphasize the importance of reading, and that reading is the foundation for an appropriate education. Many students do not read for pleasure because the price of buying new books can remain out of reach. Libraries may offer affordable reading, but there are a number of communities that are miles away from the nearest library. Having the books returned on time may be a challenge. If these readers could purchase a used book for just a couple dollars, it would be affordable and more convenient.

This may seem like a one-sided deal, but this benefits the donor too. Whenever you donate books to an organization, they offer receipts of your donation, which can be used as a tax write off. This can help during tax season, especially for frequent donations. In addition, it’s going to free up space for a new collection of books that can be donated again.


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