Photographer of the Month for April 2023


Hello, my name Wilbert Mike Ray, I’m a photographer that’s very passionate about art and perspective of my view of photos. I am from Rockaway Park, Queens, New York. I have a deep passion for art from my grandmother that taught me a perspective of art. My intentional view of seeing art is to tell a story, produce a meaning and give value for what I produce. I’m a guy from Queens that wanted to express my love for art to show emotion and passion for what is going on in whatever environment I’m in. I took photography as an elective in college to explore more avenues of art as I achieved my Bachelors in Graphic Design. Embracing photography I ventured in different categories such as food, portraits, street, events and product photography. Photography is a passion of mines to capture whatever image I pursue to embrace the moment or aesthetic. I’m an extreme hard worker to capture the best image and even though my photos are appreciated by many people I still don’t think it’s good enough, I always believe I can do better. Photography for me is to produce an image that will bring value and appreciation. I love art and I will die by it. Everything that we embrace in life is a piece of art and its something that should recognize and appreciated. When I look at myself or other people, we are all walking all pieces of art worthy of a capture of a photo.


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Wilbert Mike Ray

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