Will Britney Spears Release New Music?

Fans are wondering if Britney is going to release new music following the freedom from her “Toxic” father’s control. Though the petition is still in the process, the world can’t help but dream of what will come for Britney during her second wave of fame. 

Nothing has been confirmed nor denied regarding the future of her music career, but Britney’s Instagram followers are convinced she has been sending messages through her posts all along. With constant videos of her dancing and staying in shape, many believe she is going to take advantage of her freedom by returning to the performing world. Even more remarkable, Britney Spears has remained a household name through all of her struggles with family and mental health and large time gaps between music releases. Likely, it wouldn’t be a challenge for her to top music charts if she released a new single in 2021. 

Another baby has also been in the conversation about Britney’s freedom. If she does have another child, will she give up her music career to focus on being a mother? Most seem to believe that if she really wants to continue with her music career, she would do so, regardless. 

If Britney resumes her role as a performer, we can probably expect a different style from her. After her years of personal struggles, she might approach music more emotionally. The 39-year-old singer is going to have more experience in her life that she might want to include in her music, where previously her songs were mostly dance tracks. Whether she releases new music or chooses to live a quiet life, we have plenty of her old songs to put on repeat. 


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