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Wings Vs Pizza: The Search for the Superior Comfort Food

The concept of comfort food is a little tricky because there really isn’t a set definition or qualifications for comfort food outside of the idea that it should provide a nostalgic or sentimental value to someone. For me, two of my favorite comfort foods are chicken wings and pizza, but I’ve always had a hard time deciding which is better. That is why today, I will be pondering the epic and unanswered question: which is better, chicken wings or pizza?

            It’s a little hard to compare the two since they are so different from each other but still provide such a similar feeling. I mean there’s a reason why we often eat them together at gatherings. Pizza’s appeal: with its melted cheese and delicious tomato sauce combining in perfect harmony to create such a wonderful and addictive taste. Then add the dough that has been oven-baked with those ingredients on it to create this combination that tastes amazing every time. It’s a hard one to beat unless the food you are comparing it to is chicken wings.

             Chicken wings don’t have a bunch of ingredients coming together because we all came for the main attraction: the chicken. There’s nothing like biting into a nice, juicy chicken wing; especially if you had just dipped it into some dipping sauce (blue cheese being the superior sauce of course), it’s a simple yet amazing sensation. Not to mention how chicken wings are so versatile in their flavors. There’s a world of sauces you can have on your wings, buffalo, garlic parmesan, lemon pepper, barbeque, but even just plain wings can be so satisfying.

            However, when it comes to versatility pizza might be king. There are so many variations on a pie of pizza, we have New York style; Chicago’s deep-dish style; we have buffalo pizza; vegetable pizza and that’s just scratching the surface. These two foods almost balance each other out, it’s hard to pick one. However, wings have one underrated value that even pizza can’t beat, and that value is the size of wings. Pizza is big, which isn’t a problem, but in the sense of comfort, wings are so much more satisfying in my mind. You can eat so much more wings than pizza. You can order 12 wings, eat them all and go about your day, but you can’t eat a whole pie of pizza and not end up feeling bad one way or another. Either the grease will get to you, or the bloated feeling will. For that reason, chicken wings reign supreme.


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