Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

Winning Hearts and Minds in India

Ladies & Gentlemen,

In introducing the Guardian Angel concept to India Brett and Jayashree are using the method of winning hearts and minds over to our Universal Guardian Angel concept. With volunteers they first went out and distributed food and clothing to the many needy in Hyderabad. They then began meeting with officials and the police to get them to understand our Guardian Angel approach. The Guardian Angels of India are now training women and girls in self-defense.

Throughout India there is both verbal and physical harassment aimed at women. There have also been a number of individual and group sexual assaults against women. There is a desperate need for women and girls to be able to defend themselves. The Guardian Angels of India have provided escorts for groups of women in Hyderabad. The next phase is to develop a GA patrol that consists of both Men and Women. In many of the communities that we are being invited into around the world, in order to overcome the cultural and social differences we must develop partnerships with other non-profits so that our concept will not just be rejected. The standard GA Patrol alone will not win over the many doubters out there. Slow and steady is the way to go.

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