Woman is in Jail After a Visit to Yellowstone Park

A woman ignored survival instincts while visiting Yellowstone National Park back in May of this year. She failed to back away from a grizzly bear with cubs. She continued to take pictures until the bear approached her at a much faster rate. She finally moved to safety and no one was hurt…at least not this time. 

Yellowstone takes grizzly bear attacks very seriously, since eight people have been killed by grizzlies in the past decade. The woman, Samantha Dehring, not only got a yearlong ban from returning to the park, but she also was given four days of jail time and is forced to pay fines totaling about $2,000. 

If these charges seem excessive, consider the alternative. Most wildlife explorers know not to mess with any grizzly bear, much less one with cubs. Dehring would have had a slim chance of survival if she had not gotten away in time. A grizzly bear attacks when it feels threatened. It is recommended, if one encounters a grizzly bear, they should play dead until the bear is far out of sight. Grizzlies are one of the most dangerous bears, along with Polar bears. Simply being in the range of 100 yards is considered dangerous. 

These repercussions are meant to set an example that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. Yellowstone National Park does not want to be responsible for a death on their hands by not taking action when an incident such as this occurs. 

Hopefully it was a lesson learned by Samantha Dehring. 

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