Women In Spain Now Have Three Days Off Of Menstrual Leave

 A law has just passed in Spain allowing those with painful periods to take paid “menstrual leave” from work—the first European country to do so. 

This law gives the right to a three-day menstrual leave from work with the possibility of five days for those with disabling periods, which can cause severe cramps, nausea, dizziness, and sometimes vomiting. You still need a doctor’s note to take this time off in Spain.

In addition, the bill is also proposing that educational institutes must provide feminine hygiene products when needed. As well as those who are in prison will also have more access to feminine products. 

Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and Zambia are the few countries offering menstrual leave. 

 Many worry that it will be harder for women to find jobs in Spain after this law because they have the right to take paid time off surrounding their menstrual cycle. 

Equality Minister Irene Montero said the law will recognize a health problem that has been largely swept under the carpet until now. 

“Periods will no longer be taboo,” she told a news conference after the cabinet approved the bill.

“We will be the first country in Europe to introduce a temporary sick leave that is fully financed by the state for painful and incapacitating periods,” she added.


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