Women’s NCAA Reseeding: The Sweet 16

The pot is stirring for the women’s NCAA tournament! Be careful placing your bet; many things are uncertain this year in the women’s NCAA Sweet 16 tournament. 

On Saturday, we had huge comebacks; three teams rallied from at least 16 points down to win on the same day. 

According to ESPN Stats & Information. It’s just the second time it has happened in a single tournament! Baylor, Miami, and Ohio State all did it within four hours! 

The Bears took home the gold after being down 18 points in the first quarter against Alabama. Working hard for that pot of victory, I’m sure the whole team feels rewarded with the win and maybe a little hint of sore muscles. 

Two of the No. 12 seeds also took a win on Saturday after a No. 11 and No. 10 advanced on Friday. Florida Gulf Coast made it to the second round for the finals for the second year, kicking Washington State out the door. 

Recent stats updates – leaders 

Offensive leaders – 

M. Siegrist stands in first with 29.2  (VIll)

K. Washington is behind her with 27.7 (DREX)

And following in third C. Clark with 26.8 (IOWA)

Assists leaders-

C. Clark stands with 8.6 (IOWA)

Not far behind her with 8.0 is N. Muhl (CONN)


C. Clark leading with 3.4 (IOWA)

A. Hsu one point off with 3.3 (COLU)

Defensive leaders


L. Gustin 16.7  (BYU)

A . Reese 15.7 (LSU)

T. Jackson 12.5 (KU)


B. Flowers 3.8 (SLU)

R. Marshall 3.5 (USC)

C. Brink 3.5 (STAN)


N. Pryor 3.7 (SHU)

A . Parker 3.7 (NIA)

A . Dingle 3.5 (FOR)


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