World’s Biggest Triceratops Fossil Up For Grabs

Get ready to make your way to Jurassic Park because the world’s biggest triceratops fossil is now on sale, and experts say it could sell fast.

The fossil, now nicknamed “Big John,” is estimated to be 66 million years old, but said to look good for his age. When found in 2014, Big John’s bones were encased in mud, ensuring they were in well-enough shape to preserve 60% of his body and 75% of his skull. Scientists report the triceratops lived in Laramidia, or what is now present-day Alaska to Mexico, and perished in the Hell Creek rock formation of South Dakota. At 8 meters, Big John is the largest triceratops fossil found to date. His skull by itself accounts for about ⅓ of his body and weighs more than 1,500 pounds.

Although a science marvel, some paleontologists worry about “Big John” falling into the wrong hands (and not because it could mean dinosaurs once again roaming the earth). For years, auctions such as these have occurred with the pieces being bought by people who either lose the piece or it ends up destroyed, meaning the science and history becomes lost forever. Could the same fate befall “Big John?”

The auction takes place October 21st in Paris, so place your bets while you can.

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