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“Yankee Miracles” is a Must-Read for Baseball Fans

New York Yankee fans hungry for an inside look at their favorite team will want to get their hands on “Yankee Miracles: Life with the Boss and the Bronx Bombers” by Ray Negron and Sally Cook. Negron is a baseball executive who got started with the Yankees when George Steinbrenner caught him painting graffiti on The House That Ruth Built and gave him a job to “work it off.” In the time since, he became close with not only the Steinbrenner family but also legendary players like Reggie Jackson, Billy Martin, Thurman Munson, Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez. “Yankee Miracles” is filled with the amazing personal stories he experienced working with the team over the course of 40 years, giving fans a new perspective on the players they know so well. In fact, Hank Steinbrenner, George’s son, called the book “one of the most honest portrayals of my dad that I’ve seen.”The book is so filled with new information and interesting anecdotes that it’s likely the closest fans will ever get to being there themselves.



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