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YOU Author, Caroline Kepnes, To Continue Book Series

Kepnes’ renowned book series began in 2014 with the release of her first book of the installment, YOU. Shortly after, in 2018, the initial novel was brought to life and depicted on Lifetime in September 2018. Netflix began streaming the Lifetime original film three months later, and it immediately gained traction. About 43 million viewers streamed the first season after its debut on the service, solely credited to the success of Netflix itself. Everyone quickly fell in love with the idea of serial killer Joe Goldberg, played by actor Pen Badgley, in the psychological thriller and yearned for more subsequent to the first season. The second installment in Kepnes’ book series, Hidden Bodies, was published and released in 2016. With it readily available, production of the Netflix series filmed a second season that was released on streaming services in 2019. Hidden Bodies was originally the last book of the installment. Due to the overwhelming success of the Netflix depiction series, Kepnes has been pushing her pen and writing more installments to allow for the continuation of the Netflix series.

The highly anticipated season three of YOU is set to be released on streaming services on October 15. It will be based on Kapnes’ new addition to the novel installment, ‘You Loved Me’. Over the span of two books we have watched Joe fall in love with women and attempt to swoon them because he is convinced that they are his one true love. He then becomes obsessive which leads him to do damning things. In the next season, Joe attempts to turn a new leaf but may continue his ways as he finds another love interest.

“I wanted him to go up against someone with a functioning life.” Kepnes stated to The Hollywood Reporter. Hinting at the possible continuation of his stalking and killing ways, the author inserted a “whisper room” in Goldberg’s home. “He has to have this secret place to put someone just in case” Kepnes laughed.

With the third book series already completed both in literary and film, the fourth installment is in the works. Kepnes has already sent the show’s team an early draft of the novel. She teases that her first draft features “a lot of pandemic in it.”

Get ready to purchase a lot of snacks and put your devices on “do not disturb” as the third season will be released in a few weeks. 

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