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Your Secret Guide to Getting into New York Fashion Week

As New York City kicks off its 2022 Fashion Week season, people everywhere are scrambling to get the coveted access to one of its shows. 

Here is a short guide to getting your spot courtesy of the fashion TikToker, @tiffbaira, the self-proclaimed Manhattan Tour Guide with 180.3K followers. 

The first thing to do is to look at the schedule for NCFW and pick out the shows you want to go to. Here is a link to the schedule: https://cfda.com/fashion-calendar/official-nyfw-schedule

Once you have picked out the shows you want to attend, it is time to begin emailing. Although this might sound daunting, remember that you love fashion, and you deserve entry to these exclusive events. 

Here is a list of three emails that may be able to help get you entry: 

  1.  fashionpr@img.com
  2. sm@pier59.com
  3. FC@CFDA.com

In these emails, you will need to explain why you need a press pass to NYFW; your justifications could include that you work in fashion PR and social media or that you yourself are an influencer. While having 1 million followers would be easy in for you, I’m assuming that if you did, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now. Regardless of your number of followers, what you must emphasize in this email is that you are a vital member of the fashion community whose presence would be sorely missed if you weren’t invited, i.e., fake it till you make it. 

If those emails don’t work out for some reason, you can contact the Fashion PR list for the brands of NYFW 2021, and while some of the information might be different most of it will not have changed. 

That’s it, all you have to do. So write your emails, light a few candles and pray to the fashion gods! Hopefully, by the next day, you will be picking out your best outfit and preparing for your backstage pass to NYFW!


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