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YouTube TV’s ‘Multiview’ to allow you to watch several streams at once

YouTube TV launched a new “Multiview” feature this month, allowing viewers to have up to four live video feeds on screen at once.

The feature initially debuted on smart TV devices for streams of sports games – timed to include March Madness, the NFL Sunday Ticket, the Women’s World Cup, and other games – and in June expanded to include news, weather and finance. While streams in Multiview were pre-selected, users could focus in on any one at a time.

As of yet, there is no news on whether users will be able to customize their Multiview feeds.

The debut of Multiview saw a wave of commentary on social media, with several users of X (the website formerly known as Twitter) responding to news posts questioning the usefulness of the feature, linking it to decreasing attention spans associated with the rise of apps such as TikTok. However, for now it seems limited to YouTube TV – whether the feature will be expanded to YouTube videos generally has yet to be confirmed.

YouTube TV is a $72.99 per month subscription service available only in the U.S., which the video sharing company has been growing since 2017.

(Photo courtesy of Michael Timmermann)


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