Zendaya Reveals Blonde Hair on Instagram

Earlier this year, Zendaya decided to abandon her dark locks, and she went for a honey shade, which looked pretty amazing on her. Ever since then, we had not seen any more pictures of her new style until a couple of hours ago when she shared a story on Instagram, flaunting her new haircut. 

The Euphoria star uploaded an Instagram video captioned “I feel like I just cut my hair…” The video was only up for a few hours, but it had fans raving about her new look and taking screenshots to share on social media. 

The four-second video showed Zendaya flaunting a look at her warm-toned hair, which looks some shades lighter than before. She also seems to have choppier layers for beachy, summer vibes. 

Fans had already spotted the new look, as Zendaya had posted a short video from the ballot box over the weekend while going to vote, where people could see the change in hair color. Although her hair was pulled back, fans were quick to notice fresh blonde highlights, and they demanded to get a closer look.

In the clip posted to Instagram, Zendaya and a friend could be seen posing beside the box, with the star’s typically dark brown hair appearing visibly lighter with streaks of a honey shade. “Just a couple of voters dropping off their ballots,” Zendaya captioned the post. 

Born on September 1, 1996 in Oakland, California, Zendaya rose to fame for her comedic roles on the Disney Channel. Since then, she has transitioned to more serious and adult roles like Rue Bennett in the HBO series Euphoria, for which she won an Emmy Award. 

In later years, she has become a fashion influencer. In 2021, she became the youngest person to receive the Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion (CDFA) Icon Award at age 25. When receiving the award, she said: 

“When I was 14 and at my first movie premiere, my outfit was a bunch of stuff that I had from Target. And I thought I was fly. I felt cool. To this day, I think that’s really all that matters. Then you know you’re doing the right thing,” she said. 


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