Zoe Zooms Along

Avatar Angel, Zoe Saldana, is still rolling out the films, with 3 upcoming productions currently underway and a recent directorial debut. She even made time to host Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion show in LA last week. Here she is in a bombshell of a dress, with Gen Art Co-President, Jeffrey Abramson.
Set to release next year is The Words, a thriller in which Saldana plays Dora, the love interest of Hangover star, Bradley Cooper. The film is centered on an aspiring writer who claims another man’s work as his own and then has to face the unimaginable consequences. Saldana and Cooper also worked together on the independent short Zoe directed called Kaylien. This film was a part of the Glamour ‘Reel Moments’ short film series, which Olivia Wilde and Eva Longoria had a part in, also making their directorial debuts. The event took place at the Director’s Guild Theater October 24th. Kaylien is a heartwarming film about a young girl who is different and wants to fit in at her new school. For every view of the film a donation will be made to Actors for Autism.
And if that’s not enough, currently in pre-production is the untitled J.J. Abrams Star Trek sequel where Zoe will continue her character as Nyota Uhura, which she played in the 2009 Star Trek. It is also rumored that Saldana will star in Avatar 2, currently being written, as well as Blood Ties, a remake of 2008’s Rivals (Les Liens Du Sang). The story of Blood Ties is based on two rival brothers, one a pimp and the other a cop, the former being the family favorite. Zoe has so much talent and, lucky for us, Hollywood is taking advantage; I personally can’t wait to see more of her work.


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