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Second Chance: Steinbrenner Opens Door/Ray Negron Didn’t Waste the Opportunity

Out of respect to Cope 2 and Slone, two of the greatest graffiti artists of all time, I must admit that I was not doing graffiti art when I was caught by George Steinbrenner in 1973. I was doing a simple interlocking “NY” with blue spray paint on the wall outside Yankee Stadium on a dare from the guys that I was with. It was a true case of peer pressure.

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A positive first week in yankeeland

To say that this first week of spring training was very positive would be an understatement. All the questions going into camp were answered during the course of the week. First there was the question about Gary Sanchez and his overall game. Well let me say this, even Stevie Wonder could see that Gary’s defense has improved from last year.

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A Hall of Famer’s Advice for Gio

Bronxnet’s number one program, “Reachout with Ray and Steve” continues to show why.

Yesterday, one of the stars of the award winning film, “Freedom Writers,” Bronx’s own April Lee Hernandez (Castillo) joined the show to talk about the making of the film. The incredible message it sends and how that message is received today is even more important.

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Honoring Mr. October During Black History Month

Today, I honor the man that Yankees’ Captain Thurman Munson would give, arguably, the most famous sports nickname to, Mr. October, Reggie Jackson.

Let me just put it this way. During the Steinbrenner era, the most exciting player to put on a Yankee uniform is without a doubt Reggie Jackson.

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Pedro Gomez Made An Impact

Today, I would speak to Sandy Gomez, the wife of Pedro. Even though her husband had just died, she would console me because I was crying. I guess they were a perfect match because that is exactly what Pedro would have done. That is exactly what came to my mind.

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Bill White. He earned our respect.

During black history month, I want to acknowledge all star first baseman Bill While.

During the 1960s he was one of the best players in the game. Terrific hitter with power who also won 4 gold gloves for an excellent St. Louis Cardinals team.

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Diana Munson Is So Proud of Gio

The Thurman Munson AHRC New York charity conducted its annual event last night. This event is done in honor of the great Yankee, Thurman Munson, who was lost in a tragic airplane accident in 1979. Donations from this event helps children and families that are dealing with difficult health issues, including autism, etc.

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Al Downing and his showdown with Hank Aaron

Al Downing played with and against some of the greatest baseball players of all time.
While with the Yankees in the 60s he played with Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra and the 1964 most valuable player Elston Howard. In 1969 he played with a chubby catcher who would go on to have a hall of fame type career.

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Thurman Would’ve Loved Gio

Today I got to talk with sportscaster and radio disc jockey legend Ricky Ricardo about his interview with Gio Urshela, who has been chosen to receive a humanitarian award during the Thurman Munson award ceremony.

Ricky was given the assignment of doing the virtual thing that all these award ceremonies are doing.

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2021 – We Must Be Winners

In the immortal words of the great Frank Sinatra… Here’s to the winners lift up your glasses… Here’s to the glory still to be! We as people must stand together to make 2021 a better year. A year to start our growth as a nation all over again and maintain who we are… The greatest country in the world!

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Negron: The Doc Gooden Show

Did I hear that right, “The Doc Gooden show?” Well, my understanding is that Dwight Gooden or Dr. K or Doc or by what ever name you know this former phenom baseball player, he is coming to the YouTube and Optimum network very shortly.

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Negron: Pandemic Doesn’t Stop Yankee Winter Wonderland

Every year, the Yankees have a Christmas winter wonderland at Yankee Stadium. Thousands of kids from all around the city come to the biggest holiday party of the year which has been hosted by Jennifer Steinbrenner, who heads the Yankees foundation.

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