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Ulta Beauty Launches Digital Innovation Fund

The largest beauty retailer in the United States has just announced the official launch of Prisma Ventures, a digital innovation that will invest $20 million in technology startups. The main objective behind this launch is to encourage long-term partnerships by providing these tech startups an insight into Ulta’s expertise and resources. Fund participants will receive access to Ulta Beauty’s innovation team, consumer insights, and in-market testing opportunities.

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Why Tanning Lotion Is Better Than
Actual Sun Tanning

I’m sure most people out there love being outside in the sun and getting tan. There’s nothing wrong with going outside to get some vitamin D! But if you love tanning and do it frequently, that’s when the issue starts to arise. Being outside in the sun too long or frequently, without any form of sun protection is dangerous. So if you want to get tan, the best thing for you to do is get some tanning lotion.

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Signs That Your Makeup Products Have Gone Bad

Chances are that in your makeup drawer right now, there is no doubt at least one product that has been sitting there for at least 5 years that you still haven’t thrown out. For the higher price point of some luxury products, it makes sense that it’s harder to part with that $30 mascara after only a few months. While a lot of cosmetic items will most likely be fine to use after the expiration date, some can form bacteria more easily the longer you wait, possibly leading to infections on your skin or eyes. 

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Idris and Sabrina Elba Launch S’able Labs Skin Care

Actor Idris and wife Sabrina Elba have officially launched their new genderless skincare brand called S’able Labs with three products made entirely with natural ingredients from East Africa. “We’re really at the ethos of inside-out. We believe people that feel good, do good…in whatever aspect that is,” Sabrina states. “You need to look after yourself in order to be a better partner,” adds Idris.

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Zendaya Reveals Blonde Hair on Instagram

Earlier this year, Zendaya decided to abandon her dark locks, and she went for a honey shade, which looked pretty amazing on her. Ever since then, we had not seen any more pictures of her new style until a couple of hours ago when she shared a story on Instagram, flaunting her new haircut. The Euphoria star uploaded an Instagram video captioned “I feel like I just cut my hair…” The video was only up for a few hours, but it had fans raving about her new look and taking screenshots to share on social media.

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Top 5 Best Mascara Brands

Being one of the most simple make-up accessories you can wear, mascara is probably everyone’s go-to. The question is, out of the millions and millions of mascara brands you can wear, which one should you pick? Well, here are the top 5 best Mascara brands out there. 

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Sarah Jessica Parker Opens Up About The Problematic Beauty Standards of Aging

Fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker has criticized the ageist nature of conversations that surround women’s beauty standards as they grow older, commenting on the unnecessary characterization of women as “brave” for embracing their gray hair and wrinkles. This hot topic was brought up in her “Sex and The City” reboot, “And Just Like That” by the character Charlotte, who criticized the character Miranda for refusing to dye her gray hair. SJP has pointed out how problematic it is that women are either congratulated for “aging gracefully” after feeling pressure to use products or undergo surgery to make them look younger, or they are applauded for having “courage” that they actually embrace the age they are without attempting to conform to the absurd beauty standards.

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SKKN BY KIM, Kim Kardashian’s Newest Beauty Line

As if Kim Kardashian didn’t already have enough on her plate, in comes skincare. The reality star, model, media personality, and businesswoman launched her newest project, SKKN BY KIM, on June 21.

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Top 5 Best Deodorants

The summer months mean sweat. Lots and lots of sweat. If you live in any southern states especially, just walking outside for 5 minutes will leave you feeling like a ball of sweat. Although you can’t really stop sweating outside, you can prevent yourself from smelling bad. How? It’s all about which deodorants you use.

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Hailey Bieber Skincare Brand Sued Over Name “Rhode”

Model Hailey Rhode Bieber, formerly Hailey Rhode Baldwin before her marriage to Justin Bieber, has always been admired for her flawless skin as well as her constant “clean-girl” appearance. While a plethora of celebrities have been known to release skincare and makeup lines, fans have been anxious for the release of Bieber’s line “Rhode” in hopes that her products will help others achieve her glowy complexion as well. However, only a few days after the drop of her new skincare line, Hailey is being sued by a NYC clothing company over the name “Rhode.”

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Best Shampoos To Use For Your Hair

As someone who frequently gets her hair dyed, I have done a lot of research on some of the best shampoos to use to keep your hair nice and healthy. From watching youtube videos to reading a bunch of different articles, I’ve learned what shampoos to use and which ones to avoid. Although I’m not a professional, from doing research, using the shampoo on my own hair, and hearing what my friends had to say, here are the top 5 best shampoos for your hair.

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Chemical vs Physical Exfoliants for Skin

When it comes two skincare there are two kinds of exfoliating products: chemical and physical. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells on the skin’s surface and provides a multitude of benefits including preventing breakouts and improving texture. However, before adding an exfoliator to your skincare routine you must determine which option is best for you.

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