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Lady Gaga to Relaunch Makeup Brand ‘Haus Labs’

Popstar Lady Gaga’s cosmetic line, Haus Labs, will be relaunched in Sephora Stores. On Sunday, the Grammy Awards winner announced that her cosmetic line would be in stores in June with a brand new look and name. Previously known as Haus Laboratories, Gaga’s line was launched in 2018 while only being exclusively available on Amazon in 2019. The cosmetic line is inspired by her days as an aspiring artist and shopping for makeup products before shows in drug stores in New York City.

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2022 Plastic Surgery Trends

An angular face with plump lips seems to be at the top of plastic surgery requests this year. Buccal fat removal, cheek implants, lip fillers, and V to Y lip lift for the perfect pout are some of the most demanded procedures plastic surgeons have been getting during the first half of 2022.

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Op-Ed: 2022 Summer Makeup Essentials

If you’re anything like me, my heart rate spikes whenever a new summer product hits the market. The summer season is full of emerging makeup trends and products to get you looking glowy and sunkissed for the summer festivities to come. Full coverage foundations, heavy cream moisturizers, and dark red lipsticks are replaced with light and breathable complexion products and creamy blushes and lipsticks that give you a sun-kissed look that everyone is dying to have. With summer’s bright bikinis, sand-filled sandals, and flowy sundresses, consider these products to complete your summer essentials.

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5 Best Solid Perfumes for This Summer

With forecasters predicting one of the hottest summers in New York, solid fragrances will likely become a staple in everyone’s purse. Longer lasting, eco-friendly, and easy to carry around wherever you go, many brands have been coming up with their own solid perfumes. While solid perfumes have been around for a long time—this is how fragrances were stored before body sprays were invented—lately, we have been seeing a lot of perfume sticks coming up on TikTok and Instagram. And with the hottest days of the year just around the corner, we have found the 5 best solid perfumes for the summer.

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Op-Ed: All Celebrity Cosmetic Brands Are Not Created Equal

There is no end to celebrity cosmetic brands. After celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner made their way into the cosmetic world and their brands, shortly after, became successes, it wasn’t too long until other celebrities followed in their footsteps. Almost every celebrity has tried to find their way into the very competitive and crowded beauty and cosmetic industry. Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Harry Styles, and even baseball player Alex Rodriguez have tried to launch their beauty brands in hopes that they will have success. However, although many of them did find success with dabbling in the cosmetic industry, many also failed tremendously, tanking their overall brand.

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Bridgerton Actress Shares her Simple Skincare Routine

Season 2 of Bridgerton brought us not only Anthony’s arc development and resolution but also the Sharma sisters, with whom he becomes entangled in a compelling, yet emotionally exhausting love triangle. Charithra Chandran who plays the youngest Sharma sister, Edwina, shared in a video she made for Vogue some of the details from behind-the-scenes, as well as her new pre-makeup skincare routine which she updated after experiencing the toll that long hours of shooting can take on the skin.

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Using Rice Water for Hair

Rice has been a staple for our everyday food, but do you know that rice water is important for your hair’s health? During the Heian-period of Japan, women would regularly bathe their hair in rice water and the hair would grow until it touched the floor. Geishas would rinse their hair with rice water before combing it.

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How Fad Workout Trends are Creating Unrealistic Beauty Standards

The dangers of the internet will never go away. From promoting false advertisements to making people believe they aren’t skinny enough or pretty enough; companies are constantly preying off our insecurities. If you have ever looked up workout challenges on Youtube, you will notice that a lot of the videos tell you it’s possible to lose 25 pounds or get abs in a week. The reality is that these clickbait videos are creating unrealistic beauty standards and can be harmful to everyone, especially the younger generation.

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5 Beauty Brands that are Zero Waste

The past decade brought about not only more environmental mobilization but also an increase in consumer awareness. More and more, buyers are choosing eco-friendly brands over the cheapest, high plastic ones. The even greater news is that consumers no longer have to choose affordability over sustainability. For over a decade beauty companies have been taking the necessary steps towards a more sustainable beauty industry. It was about time!

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What is Hair Slugging? Explaining TikTok’s Latest Trend

In 2020, face slugging was trending all over the internet. We saw people on Reddit, TikTok, and YouTube showing off this technique which consisted of applying petroleum jelly on the skin before going to bed to lock in moisture. Hair slugging is the same, sort of, but for the hair. Transferring slugging from our skincare to our haircare routines promises to result in extremely hydrated, glossy, and frizz-free hair. However, this time it is not Vaseline that people are using to coat their strands, it is an oil or a mask.

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The “Clean-Girl” Aesthetic Isn’t Really About Natural Beauty if You Have Acne

The “clean-girl” aesthetic revolves around minimal makeup, utilizing simple tweaks to make the most of what you already have. It emphasizes skin care, just drinking water and natural beauty, very reminiscent of the effortless beauty of off duty models. The trend has taken social media by storm, with the hashtag “cleanlook” on TikTok having over 84 million views.

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Do you Really Need to Pre-Wash Your Hair?

eauty regimes seem to be getting longer and longer. It seems that in the crusade for healthy, shiny, and silky hair, no steps are too many. This past week, “pre-wash” was among the most searched beauty-related terms on TikTok. So, what is this all about, and do you need to jump on this trend?

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