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How Ukraine could achieve victory against Russia, according to experts

‘This war began in Crimea and must end in Crimea – with its liberation,’ declared President Volodymyr Zelesnky in August. And, according to military experts, his generals intend to do just that.
Former American commander of forces in Europe Ben Hodges has outlined what he believes is the Ukrainian route to victory, beginning in Kherson and ending “when the last Russian soldier crosses the [Kerch] bridge out of Crimea.” General Hodges, now at the Center for European Policy Analysis, believes that Ukraine’s main focus will continue to be on capturing Kherson in the south, where a major assault has been underway since early August, with a secondary attack hooking down through the Donbas and towards the city of Mariupol.

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Herschel Walker: What Happens Next?

Late Monday, a surprise of the 2022 election landed, and it’s one that could have major implications for control of the Senate. According to the Daily Beast, Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker paid for a girlfriend’s abortion in 2009. This is shocking since Walker has campaigned on an antiabortion platform – with no exceptions – and has said that he has always opposed the rights. Of course, Walker is denying this and most other news sources have not independently confirmed this yet.

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Trump Claims He Was “Having Meetings” During Jan. 6 Riots, Says New Book

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman’s Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America has been released today (Oct. 4) to a lot of buzz. The anticipated book, which features Haberman’s interviews with Donald Trump, reveals explosive new details about the former president that have until now gone largely unknown. Now, we have a better look into those tumultuous days of Trump’s time in office–and particularly, what he was doing during the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6.

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What Western Media Excludes in their Coverage of the Russia Ukraine War

he U.S. media’s reporting on the Russian-Ukraine war fails to recognize the most rational solution to the crisis: negotiations. Throughout reports, Western media has misrepresented the extent of the global community that supports increased warfare in the region. One example of a mischaracterization conducted by western media occurred in reports of a meeting between the Indian President, Modi, and Putin. The west reported on a series of words where the president said, “war is not the answer,” illustrating Modi’s opposition to Putin’s position. However, in reality, once the transcript of the meeting is read, it becomes clear the meeting between the two leaders was one of support, where Modi repeatedly vocalized the positive relations between the countries and India’s approval of Russia’s policy in Ukraine.

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Dr. Oz is Running for Senate in Pennsylvania

Dr. Mehmet Oz, better known to the public simply as Dr. Oz, announced at the end of last year that he would be running as a Republican for the Pennsylvania Senate. Dr. Oz announced that he would be running for this chair as a reaction to the way the 2020 Pandemic was handled. Stating that he was frustrated by the “arrogant, close-minded people in charge” for closing schools and businesses during the pandemic.

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Biden Praises FEMA’s Response to Hurricane Ian

On Thursday, President Joe Biden praised the Federal Emergency Management Agency for its response to Hurricane Ian, telling the room full of FEMA workers that they are helping to restore America’s faith in their government. After attending a FEMA briefing on the hurricane’s devastation in Florida, Biden stopped to speak to the workers. According to Biden, faith in government institutions has been eroding over the past six to 10 years.

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Hundreds of migrants fleeing Lebanon die after boat sinks off Syrian coast

Ibrahim Mansour, one of 20 survivors of one of the deadliest boat accidents in the Eastern Mediterranean, says he can’t forgive himself for failing to save others while speaking from a hospital bed while still in shock.
The small boat carrying more than 150 people set sail from crisis-torn Lebanon early last week in the hopes of finding a better life in Italy. According to the United Nations, those on board included both children and elderly people and were primarily Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinians.

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What the US means by ‘catastrophic consequences’ in response to Putin’s nuclear threat

The West’s possible responses range from military, including nuclear strikes, to economic sanctions against Russia.
Bob Seely, a British MP and expert in Russian nuclear strategy, says the West’s reaction would need to be finely judged as “there is a difference of perception which is important to understand”.
First, while tactical nuclear weapons use is serious in Russia, it may not be met with the same condemnation as it is in the West.

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Mahsa Amini: More Than Just a Head Scarf

Iran ignites with anger as the women of Iran protest for their basic human rights. An unfortunate and not uncommon scenes take place in Iran where blood is shed, and according to them, it’s in women’s best interest.
In 1936 Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the leader or Iran at the time, made the Hijab – or the head scarf –illegal in Iran as he thought it was a sign of falling behind. The women of Iran protested in disagreement with the new law and Hijab was made legal again.

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Liz Cheney’s Bleak Future as a Republican “Moderate”

GOP leader-hopeful Rep. Liz Cheney has ambitious plans for the future that may include toeing party lines and campaigning for Democrats. But the anti-Trump Replubican’s attempt at self-branding into a moderate may fall flat in the face of trying please both parties while still holding onto conservative values.

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How Fascist Leader Giorgia Meloni Rose to Power in Italy

Exit polls say that far-right politician Giorgia Meloni is set to become Italy’s first female prime minister after she won 26% of the popular vote. This general election came after former prime minister Mario Draghi resigned as the Italian Prime minister triggering the snap general election, which closed today. An election that was originally meant to occur in the spring of 2023.

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The Issue With the 2 Party System

Politics is one of those topics that you’re told not to discuss because it can start arguments and fuel feuds. In America, we can see exactly that happening with greater and greater frequency, causing a deep rift within our society. Nowadays people can’t even get their opinions across without being shut down or harassed. Shame and hate are permeating the construct of our society, by creating fear in those who discuss their beliefs and hopes for the future openly, of being attacked by their fellow Americans.

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