Oversized Clothing Is In And Here To Stay

Although crop tops have always been a prominent trend, baggy clothing is something that is becoming more and more normalized. I am finding that popular clothing brands, such as Urban Outfitters, are increasing the number of oversized t-shirts and bottoms that they sell.

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The Problem with SHEIN

A lot of people can attest to the fact that quarantine includes a lot of retail therapy. With all the extra hours in a day, online shopping can be a dangerous hobby for many. Although revamping your wardrobe can be fun, it can be easy to fall down the rabbit hole of buying hundreds of dollars’ worth of clothing.

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Faux Fur for Fall 2020

A good fall aesthetic incorporates cozy elements. As the warm weather begins to cool at the end of summer, fun fall activities such as apple picking, pumpkin carving, and scary-movie-watching are at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

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Paris Fashion Week and Climate Change

Tuesday marked the last day of Paris Fashion Week 2020, which was quite out of the ordinary. Not only had this fashion week gone on despite a pandemic, but it also took place over a politically turbulent backdrop.

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Savage x Fenty Fashion Show

Rihanna’s second runway show for Savage x Fenty streamed on Amazon Prime on Friday.  This hour-long, televised event showcased Rihanna’s …

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Sweater Vests are Making a Comeback

Breaking news: sweater vests are making a dangerous comeback. Although this may be weird to hear, this is good news considering that this is a clothing item that can be styled in many ways. The uniform and private school look has always been a popular aesthetic, but sweater vests seem to be a piece that can be included in casual outfits too.

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Purses Galore

A purse is something that can make or break your favorite outfits. Although the purpose of a purse is to hold your everyday necessities, it is important that it also matches the vibe of your outfit and your personal aesthetic. Whether it is matching your color scheme or following a certain trend, purses are undoubtedly a fashion statement. Purse trends are constantly changing and are sometimes difficult to keep up with. Below are a few of the current purse trends that could accentuate your favorite parts of an outfit.

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The Show Must Go On

As the fashion industry struggles during the midst of coronavirus, various artists, designers, and members of the fashion community have …

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A New Twist on Jeans

There is no question that jeans are an essential item in a wardrobe. The versatility of jeans and the hundreds …

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Tips for Taking on the Adventure of Thrift Shopping

As the idea of developing an individual and unique style continues to gain popularity, thrift shopping is one of the …

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Diverse Fashion And How It Makes The Industry Better

There is no doubt that there is still room for positive development in the fashion industry.  The twenty-first century has …

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Do Not Work From Home In PJ’s

As we’re getting more comfortable working from home, our clothes shouldn’t. It’s scientifically proven that the way that we dress …

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