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Baby Formula Shortage: What you can Feed your
Baby Instead

With the increase of baby formula shortage, desperate parents are resorting to desperate measures to feed their babies. A big portion of the media is also not helping the situation by putting wrong matters at the center of the discussion, as is the example of the discussion: are immigrant babies to blame for American babies not getting their formula?

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Parental Burnout: How to Cope with Exhaustion, 2 Years
after the Pandemic

Parental burnout is a syndrome by which parents experience general exhaustion and high levels of stress. Back in the 80s, when this term became known, it referred to parents of children with severe health problems, who inevitably would become emotionally exhausted and drained. Nowadays, the term parental burnout is used to encompass all parents who experience chronic physical, mental and emotional stress as a result of their parenting activities

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Op-Ed: Kim Kardashians Openness About Rapid Weight Loss is Harmful

The Met Gala is the most exciting night for anyone that is absolutely obsessed with anything pop culture and fashion. As a journalist, it is one of the most sought-after experiences to be a part of. Being able to cover fashion and beauty at one of the most important nights/events in fashion history. Whether you’re a journalist or a photographer at the Met Gala, it is common knowledge that your night isn’t anywhere over until you have had the chance to see Kim Kardashian walk the carpet.

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University of Wisconsin Study Finds Most Teens Have a Healthy Relationship with Technology

A new study conducted by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health has found that parents play a major role in whether or not teenagers’ use of social media is healthy or not. The study looked at the family dynamics between 4,000 pairs of parents and teens as well as their relationship as a family in reference to technology. They found that around 63% of the teenagers fell into a category of “family engaged”, meaning they had a healthy relationship with technology.

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Kickstarting Your Journaling Journey

The benefit of journaling far exceeds the cons of having to sit down and commit to this important mental health practice. From gaining more self-confidence to strengthening your memories, journaling can be extremely therapeutic. If you feel like you do not know where to start, you are not alone. While consistently journaling can seem daunting at first, there are several methods to make it seem a little less scary.

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Mental Health Becomes Unbearable for U.S. Teens

The shadows of depression and suicide have been creeping into the lives of American teens. One 13-year-old girl from Minneapolis ran into the woods. The mother saw her daughter’s phone and she was shocked to see that there was self-harm from her daughter’s ankles in the pictures. She followed her daughter into the woods in hopes that her daughter would not commit suicide.

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FDA Authorized First COVID-19 Breath Test

As of Thursday, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency use authorization for the first COVID-19 breath test. The breath test is said to spot chemical compounds associated with COVID-19 in the breath. Named the InspectIR Covid-19 Breathalyzer, the breath test is the size of a carry-on suitcase and can be used in both mobile testing sites and medical offices. The machine is very efficient as it can give results in less than three minutes.

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Op-Ed: The Pressure to Exercise SO Much Might be Unnecessary

Modern-day gym culture seems to have distorted what is actually important about getting your body moving. Pressure to include the gym into your routine every day, for an hour or more can be incredibly overwhelming with everything else in your life. “The grind” may be important for some, professional athletes and bodybuilders, but if you aren’t getting joy out of the gym at 6 am, why are you really there?

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Despite Being Sick, Americans Still Force Themselves to Go to Work

As the coronavirus cases are increasing once again, Americans are still going to work. There are still many people who have not tested for COVID-19, yet they are going to work because to them, staying at home and waiting for the pandemic to end does not pay the bills. Many workers do not have a paid sick leave and managers in stores are struggling with lesser workers in the labor force because there have been severe staffing shortages.

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What We Can do to Prevent and Slow Neurodegenerative Disorders

The longer we live, the more prone we become to neurodegenerative disorders. Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s are among the most common, yet any illness involving the progressive death of brain cells can be categorized as neurodegenerative. Language problems, disorientation, and memory loss are some of the most frequently discussed symptoms. However, there are other signs, albeit more subtle, that can help us catch these disorders early on, so we can be better prepared and even help slow their progress.

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The Reality of Which is Safer: Marijuana and Alcohol

For decades the federal government, and many governments throughout the world, have considered marijuana to be a dangerous drug. So dangerous that it needed to be strictly criminalized. However, in the eyes of lawmakers and much of the public, alcohol is not regarded with the same caution. This is despite the fact that marijuana is much safer for your body and doesn’t cause violent and dangerous behavior. So why is alcohol so much more socially acceptable, even today?

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How to Support Students’ Mental Health After Covid-19

As the Covid-19 journey comes to an end, we are left facing the damaging impact it had on our mental health. A huge percentage of the population was forced to isolate itself. Many have lost people that they loved. Uncertainty and dread became our new normality, as we understood that the world as we knew it could have changed forever.

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