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Know When to Take a Mental Health Day

Mental health days are a relatively new concept, now that mental health is becoming much more relevant in our society.

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Do Crystals Actually Work?

After being endorsed by celebrities like Kate Hudson and Adele and being the centerpiece in alternative healing centers across the United States, healing crystals have become a new form of medicine, but is there any scientific evidence to suggest that it really works? Some scientists say yes, but not in the way you might think.

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Olivia Rodrigo Opens Up About Going to Therapy

Olivia Rodrigo is arguably the biggest breakout star of 2021. Ever since she released her debut single “driver’s license” in January and her album Sour in May, she has solidified herself as a bonafide pop artist. She won three VMAs last month and attended her first Met Gala.

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Study Shows That Surgery Can Lead To Opioid Misuse

A new study suggests that surgery can be a gateway to opioid abuse for many patients.

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The Basic Art of Mindfulness and Why You Should Practice It

As a 20-something recent college graduate, one thing that is a constant source of stress and anxiety is the future that I am facing.

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There’s Much More to Journaling Than What Meets the Eye

Journaling is something that many promise to do but never follow through with. I get it. It is easier said than done. Did you know that there are several unexpected benefits to journaling daily?

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The Deal With CBD

If you go almost anywhere today (the grocery store, gas station, local pharmacy, favorite department store), chances are you’ll stumble upon a CBD product of some kind. It could be a candle, lotion, or some sort of spray.

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Astrology, Where Did All the Hype Come From?

If you observe a conversation between two Millenials or two Generation Zs, there is one thing that is sure to come up, astrology. This generation’s new way of getting to know someone comes in the form of two questions: the blunt, more straightforward option, what’s your sign?

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What Is the Best Diet for the Healthiest life?

Over the years, every time you look around, there seems to be a new diet. If it’s not this low-carb diet, it’s a raw food diet or the paleo diet. There are so many different lifestyle eating habits, each one with its slew of benefits and detriments. Amongst all of the information, how do you know which diet leads to the healthiest life?

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Some Practices That You Can Add to Your Morning Routines to Make Your Days Better

The way you start your morning, the way you start your day will help to determine how your day will end up going. It’s why we have sayings such as “someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” and “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

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WHO called U.S. Decision to Promote Booster Shots “Immoral”

The announcement on Wednesday by the U.S. health officials that booster shots against Covid-19 will be offered to all Americans beginning next month has drawn some criticism since there is a huge imbalance of vaccines in many poorer nations who are unable to battle for new and potentially deadlier variants of the coronavirus.

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What the Media Gets Wrong About Mental Illness

There have always been debates on how TV shows and movies should portray mental illness. Sure, there have been some pretty successful and accurate depictions in recent years, such as Bojack Horseman and Jessica Jones, but the majority of them seem to still fall into the stereotypes and it may send out some harmful messages. 

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