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Apps For Mental Health

During quarantine, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy mental state. Additionally, it can be hard to get access to therapists or other resources that can improve your everyday mood. That is why there are hundreds of apps out there to help you practice self-love and give you the opportunity to work on your mental health.

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Are Blue Light Glasses Worth Investing in?

In the digital age, it can be exhausting looking at a screen for hours on end. This can lead to chronic headaches and an unwanted feeling of fatigue. Although taking an Advil or taking a break from your screen can relieve the symptoms of staring a screen too long, investing in a pair of blue light glasses could help you.

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Closing Schools and Mental Health

The school system provides a sense of structure for children and young adults, but this has been disrupted since schools were shut down in April 2019.

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It’s More Important Than Ever To Be Cautious Of The Flu

With flu season approaching fast, it is more important than ever before to adhere to social distancing guidelines and other COVID-19 precautions. Additionally, doctors have been urging people to get their flu vaccine in order to prevent the risk of a potential “twindemic” – that is to say, to prevent a scenario in which there are high numbers of both COVID-19 cases and flu cases occurring at the same time.

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Studies Show Very Few People In US Have COVID-19 Antibodies

Worldwide coronavirus cases have officially surpassed 33 million. The United States accounts for 7.1 million of these cases – a whopping 21% of the world total, which is a staggering number when you consider the fact that the US only makes up 4% of the entire world’s population.

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The CDC Inadvertently Posted A Draft Of COVID-19 Guidance

Confusion resulted last week when the CDC accidentally published a draft of an update on how the coronavirus spreads to their website.

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Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Expands Trials

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc., working with German company BioNTech, has made promising progress regarding the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. This news comes shortly after the previously disheartening announcement that a frontrunning contender developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University was pausing clinical trials in order to investigate whether a severe illness in a patient was linked to Oxford’s vaccine. AstraZeneca has recently been given the green light to begin work again.

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Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine Study Placed On Hold

As wildfires and a massive heat wave roll across the west coast and Louisiana recovers from the aftermath of Hurricane …

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The Flu Vaccine Is Available, And Doctors Are Recommending You Get It

(Notably, while some people do experience side effects after the flu shot, it is generally accepted that the vaccine cannot …

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How To Avoid Falling For Coronavirus Hoaxes

As COVID-19 statistics in the United States to rise, misinformation and a general sense of confusion are running rampant across …

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Is working from home taking a toll on you? Follow these simple tips to reduce stress levels.

Feeling like working from home is more exhausting than working a normal or ordinary job? Well, it’s because it is! …

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Fit Finds For All the Healthy Foodies Out There!

Are you trying to diversify your diet while staying healthy? Having all this extra time at home is the perfect …

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