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Christina Pipia: Making a Name for Herself as a Bodybuilder, Competitor, Lifestyle Coach, and Nutritionist

Christina Pipia is making a name for herself as a bodybuilder, competitor, lifestyle coach, and nutritionist. In addition to her full-time job as a marketing analyst and proposal coordinator, she has her plate full as she dedicates herself daily to her passion for bodybuilding, fitness, and lifestyle coaching. How does she do it all?

Starting from a young age, Christina filled her schedule with multiple extracurricular activities like completive dance, softball, basketball, and volunteering for numerous fundraising events. Dance and athletics were a huge passion of hers, encouraging her to pursue many dance competition opportunities where she won Miss Teen Dance of New York and Miss Dance of New York.

Christina Pipia recalled in our interview how dance competitions were intense because contestants are taking classes, learning choreography, and answering interview questions. Despite the daunting aspects of these competitions, Christina is thankful for the opportunities she had as a teenager and recognizes how they prepared her for her career now, where she has all the confidence to reach for the stars.

After taking on many more responsibilities after graduating high school and pursuing an MBA in finance and a BA in accounting at Adelphi University, she stepped back from competitive dancing. When she was 17, she joined a local gym and began her fitness journey. Little by little, she started learning more about weightlifting, yoga, and fitness.

It wasn’t until 2019 that she took a trip to Europe where she met multiple fitness influencers and learned more about bodybuilding. That’s when her passion for bodybuilding began to develop. Being able to compete in bodybuilding was an amazing accomplishment for Christina. In our interview, she talks about how being able to competitively body build was perfect since she had been missing competitive dance.

“Because I was an athlete growing up and I danced competitively, I was always missing the itch to compete from dance. So, with bodybuilding, I found the gap to fill my soul again, to say the least. Learning about bodybuilding to compete has opened my eyes. All the suffering I’ve gone through for competitions has taught me so much and humbled me in so many ways. It really has helped me in all aspects of my life.”

After learning more about bodybuilding in 2019, Christina Pipia competed in her first bodybuilding competition in New York for NPC (National Physique Committee) Eastern USA Championships. Her first show was a great learning experience, and she recalled meeting so many people and learning so much. Going into the competition, she admitted that she didn’t take her preparation as seriously the first time around, and her first show made her want to learn more about bodybuilding and how she could grow in her career. She was determined to prepare harder for next time and compete again.

At the beginning of 2020 when COVID hit, Christina recalled how she and her friend were driving from her home in Queens all the way to Connecticut just to go to an open gym to train. Despite the difficulty, she was persistent and prioritized her fitness and health.  

During the pandemic, Christina Pipia saw a need in her community, so she launched her health-conscious food prep business, Pip’s Prep. She explained how growing up, she loved food and cooking, and it’s a passion that’s stayed with her.

“When I started prepping for my bodybuilding shows, I started posting about my meal preps. I know how to cook so I would make sure even though I’m eating very healthy and clean, I was using my food properly, and things would just taste and come out really great. People started seeing those on social media and were saying, ‘Wow that looks amazing.’ ‘This looks so good.’ ‘I wish I could have you cook for me.’

“All this stuff,” she continues, “and I’m just like, ‘Well, why can’t I?’ I know that different health and fitness stores sell pre-packaged meals, but some come frozen, and they don’t taste that good. But I knew I could come up with something that put in front of people what I eat on a daily basis, and so that’s where Pip’s Prep came from.”

She started her business from the ground up, doing all the cooking, preparing, packaging, labeling, and delivery every weekend for five months straight. Her friend’s dad would let her rent out his kitchen every Saturday night where she’d cook from 10 pm—5 am the next day.

At one point, she remembered cooking, packing, and delivering over 200 meals in one weekend. She recalled getting multiple referrals and having clients all over New York. She even was able to sell her food to Robinson Canó, a former New York Mets. In addition to his support of Pip’s Prep, Canó also inquired Christina for a diet meal plan when he took time off last season to help him get in shape for this baseball season.

Christina was driving all over New York, delivering her amazing meals to dozens of clients. Because she was pursuing Pip’s Prep on her own, in March 2021, she closed her business to avoid burnout and focus on her many other amazing endeavors like her upcoming bodybuilding competitions, lifestyle coaching, and her full-time job.

Christina Pipia was thankful for the fundraising events she was able to be a part of because of her business. She was able to give back to her community through the Island Harvest Food Drive and opportunities to feed the homeless. It’s one of her goals to start her food prep business up again, but for now, she’s focused on getting her pro-card and advancing in bodybuilding.

At the end of 2020, Christina met her new coach, Shane Heugly, based in Salt Lake City, who would then help her train to compete in her second show with NPC at the NPC Viking Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah in August of 2021. During her second show, she ended up qualifying for nationals, where she then went to Pittsburg to compete that same year at the NPC North American Championships. She mentioned again the lessons she learned from that amazing opportunity.

“For some people, bodybuilding won’t be for them because they might get discouraged,” Christiana Pipia said. “They might not take the feedback the right way, but for me, it’s always about improving. It’s always about just bettering myself, and I’m sort of my own competition. As long as I’m able to see improvement year after year, like how I did in 2019 to the 2021 show, I am happy. The mentality of being better every time is what is very important and what makes the sport.”

In August of 2021, tragedy struck Christina in an unexpected way with Hurricane Ida. Despite Christina’s plans to compete in another show that same year, her plans were derailed after Hurricane Ida damaged her car, her apartment, and all her belongings there. She lost everything, and she had to completely start over. She vulnerably explained in our interview how it took her a while to get back up on her feet and rebuild what she had lost from this intense natural disaster. She got through this setback with the love and support of her close friends and family. 

Christina took the rest of the year off her training and preparation regimen to regroup, recover, and re-establish herself in her own space. During this time, she planned to get back to work at the start of the new year in 2022. She talked about how if you want to be a bodybuilder you have to be prepared financially, but most importantly, you have to be prepared mentally.

“Being able to put yourself through the type of suffering or pressure that bodybuilders endure for those 16-20 weeks in preparation is a lot. So, if you’re not mentally ready or stable, you’re not going to be able to handle it,” Christina explained. “I learned that the hard way because in the past, I tried, and I tried. I would keep trying to stay on the diet, but I’d end up breaking. I wasn’t able to follow through because I just was not mentally there. So, it took me some time, and then once I joined Bev’s in January of this year, I finally re-gathered everything I needed to for myself and said, ‘Okay, I’m ready!’”

In January 2022 she started prepping for her next show on June 25th. In order to prepare for her upcoming bodybuilding competition, Christina is set on a strict meal plan and workout routine where she is often putting hours into her fitness both before and after work. She trains at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym, the East Coast mecca of bodybuilding, in daily preparation, and she’s seen herself grow and advance since her time there. During our interview, Christina Pipia commented on how her busy lifestyle really helps her stay focused on her goals.

“Honestly though, I am much better as a person and as a worker when I’m under pressure and I’m very busy and have a set schedule. I’m a little OCD, but I work well under pressure. If I had too much time on my hands, I don’t think it would work well for me— I’d get lazy, and I wouldn’t feel motivated. I constantly have always been on the go, even growing up.”

Christina explained how in school, her days were always busy. She was dance captain in her high school and had dance practices every day after school. After dance practice, she’d head to softball practice. Then at night, she’d attend dance school from 7-9 pm before going home to do homework.

“It’s kind of just been my thing to always be on the go,” she continued. “I’ve been brought up this way, and I think it’s really helped me now with time management. People always ask me how do you do work and bodybuilding and everything— because, to be honest, bodybuilding is like a full-time job. But at the same time, I have a passion for it, and I love it! When you love something, it doesn’t really feel like a job.”

When asked about the most defining moment in her fitness journey, she said, “Is it going to sound crazy if I say that it’s getting to see veins popping out of my abs? I did not know I could get that lean, but to be honest, I think the most defining thing is the limits that I’ve pushed myself to get stage lean because it’s not something you are all year round. But just to see how far I can push myself to those limits, to win, and to get to the top is exciting. So, for me to just do it again and look even better than last year, so I can win this year and get my pro card, would probably be the most rewarding.”

Here’s some advice Christina would give to someone interested in bodybuilding: “Don’t jump into a show right away the way I did. Do your research and find a good coach. Make sure that you know your coach understands you and you understand your coach. Sometimes, it takes a couple of times to really network, meet people, and just learn as much as you can about bodybuilding before actually doing a show.

“There’s so much information on the internet,” Christina continued, “but maybe go to a show and talk to competitors. Ask them how they feel during prep because it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. You don’t feel the best every day. Sometimes I wake up, and I’m so tired. But no, I have to get my cardio done if I want to win and do well. Having that mindset and focus not to let any noise get in the way is important. Don’t let anybody tell you that you are not good enough. I’ve had people tell me I’m never going to get my pro card, or I’m never going to step on the Olympia stage, and I just tell them, ‘Okay. Watch me, ’cause one day I will.”

In addition to her preparation for her upcoming show at this year’s NPC Garden State Championships, Christina is also a nutritionist and lifestyle coach where she is building her clients a personalized and beneficial health plan so they can be their best selves.

Christina is thankful for the rewarding impact she’s able to have on her clients. She said, “The one thing that I really love about what I do is that I’m able to motivate people to change their lives because they want to better themselves for themselves and their families. To me, that’s so important. I can lend that helping hand and guide someone to make those right decisions.”

She continues, “The most rewarding part about it all is the text messages or the small little thank you emails I get from clients just saying like, ‘Oh my God, I just dropped another pound.’ It might not seem like a lot to someone else, but to this person who’s been struggling with being overweight their whole life or just having trouble putting down alcohol or something that’s not benefitting them and them just thanking me, it means so much. It’s so rewarding to hear how much I’m a help to them.”

When asked about her biggest motivation, Christina Pipia said this: “My biggest motivation is probably my parents, my family. I watched my parents struggle growing up since my dad is an immigrant from Sicily and came here when he was a little boy and my mom’s Italian American. They worked very hard to get to where they are now. Now they’re doing great, but I want to be able to give back to them everything that they gave to me. They provided so much for me when they didn’t have a lot. They let me go to the school that I wanted and gave me my first car. My motivation is wanting to be able to take care of them fully when they retire. That’s something that’s really important to me.”

 This fitness queen is excited about all the amazing opportunities she has coming up. Something new on Christina’s horizon is her partnerships with two dietary supplemental and wellness companies, Get Raw Nutrition and Revive MD. Her discount code is PIPIA10 for 10% off anything you order from their sites. Check out Get Raw Nutrition and Revive MD and be sure to use her athlete ambassador code.

In addition to her new partnerships, Christina is looking forward to her next competition coming up on June 25th at the NPC Garden State Championships regional show in Wayne, NJ. She’s aiming to qualify for nationals by winning first in her height division in Bikini and winning the overall bikini title. From there, she plans on competing in the national show in July 2022, NPC Universe & Fitness National Championships in Teaneck, NJ. In our interview, she talks about how special this opportunity will be, especially since she’ll be eligible to receive her pro card.

“I can’t wait because I’ve just been working really hard towards this. There’s nothing I want more right now than to just get that pro card and be able to step on stage and get my name out there. Even to just stand on stage with some of the bikini girls I look up to is already a win in my book.”

With her determined spirit and motivated personality, this inspiring bodybuilder, life coach, and nutritionist is building a great name for herself and will continue to do so throughout her career.

Christina Pipia ended our interview with great some advice, “I’m very big on happiness. Internal happiness is the most important thing to have within yourself, you know? Make your heart and yourself happy first, and I think being happy internally will open many things in front of you. Try seeing the glass half full.”

Follow this inspiring fitness icon on her social media accounts below.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christina.pipia

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christinapipia/

Linked-In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinapipia/


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