2020 NBA Draft Top 5 Prospects

The NBA Draft is one of the most exciting times of the year for NBA fans. Although it is in June, with the season suspended due to COVID-19, now seems like a great time to talk about some of the exciting prospects that might just find their way to your team. Here are my top 5 prospects for the 2020 NBA Draft.

  1. Deni Avidja, Maccabi Tel Aviv, 6’8, Forward

Avdija is a jack of all trades. He can shoot, dribble, pass, and defend. Although he is inconsistent and still young, Avdija has all the tools to become a quality NBA player and a top 5 pick in the upcoming draft. Having played against grown men, all he really needs is some polishing to his shooting stroke and his defensive game and we are looking at a poor man’s version of Luka Doncic

  1. Obi Toppin, Dayton, 6’9, Forward

Obi Toppin exploded onto the college basketball scene this past season. Toppin is a man amongst boys. He is a wide-shouldered power forward that can play small ball center and small forward. He can shoot it (39% on threes for the year), he can score inside, he can rebound, he is athletic, and he can defend. Toppin is a smart, polished, and safe player that will contribute to his team immediately. He reminds me exactly of Amare Stoudemire with his post play, shooting, and defense.

  1. James Wiseman, Memphis, 7’0, Center

Wiseman came into the season as the number 1 recruit in his class and the future #1 overall pick in this year’s draft. After three games at Memphis, that all changed. Wiseman left Memphis after 3 games due to ineligibility. He still declared for the draft. In those three games, Wiseman was dominant. He showed that he had globs of potential. Wiseman reminds me of Anthony Davis in the way he plays down low but also has the ability to step out in the mid-range area and knock down some shots. I do not think he will ever be as good as Davis, but the offensive potential is definitely there with Wiseman. I see him averaging something like 15 points and 9 rebounds with one blocked shot in his rookie year.

  1. Anthony Edwards, Georgia, 6’5, Guard

This draft class is the weakest we have seen since 2013. With that being said, Anthony Edwards is not a top 5 prospect in most drafts, but he is the second-best prospect in this one. Edwards is very talented. His shot creation/shot-making abilities are unmatched by anyone in his class. His shot selection, however, is the complete opposite. That is what makes Edwards so tantalizing. He looks pro-ready sometimes with his footwork and very difficult shots. Then at other times, he looks like he has no clue what a good shot is. Edwards has the potential to be a great combo guard like Zach Lavine, or a bust like Anthony Bennett.

  1. Lamelo Ball, Illawarra Hawks, 6’7, Guard

Lamelo Ball is famous for being part of the Ball family. The truth is though, he is an extremely talented basketball player. Lamelo and Lonzo have many similarities. They both have exceptional court vision and passing abilities while also possessing an elite handle on the ball. Both brothers rebound very well for their position and are also both phenomenal defenders. What makes Lamelo better is his scoring ability. Lonzo has always been criticized for his inability to score the ball and shoot (although this year he is on fire). Lamelo has a weird shot form like his brother, but he is a great shooter and a great driver to the rim. Lamelo can be a top guard in this league if he can put it together. Even if he can just become more efficient and less chaotic with the ball, Lamelo Ball can be a much better version of Jason Williams.


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