3 Things to Expect at the 2023 Royal Rumble

In just less than a month, wrestling fans will get to see one of the most exciting WWE matches of the year. The Royal Rumble is scheduled for January 28. That is just three weeks away, which means fans will only have three more weeks to theorize about what to expect from the spectacular show. The Rumble is always exciting because the winners of its male and female division matches will get to move on to WrestleMania to go after the top champions of WWE. With a show this exciting, there is a lot of possibility for what the Rumble will entail.

  1. Expect a First-of-its-Kind Match!

That’s right- this year’s Royal Rumble has confirmed a match unlike any other before- the first ever Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match is said to be scheduled for the Royal Rumble. LA Knight and Bray Wyatt have also been said to be participating in this one-of-a-kind match. While specific regulations regarding the match have yet to be shared, fans can expect a lights-out arena for the big showdown.

  1. Expect Familiar Faces!

Of course, it wouldn’t really be a WWE Royal Rumble without the return of some familiar faces. Historically we have always seen wrestlers making comebacks and returns to the arena for the Royal Rumble. Whether it be to defend their titles or to make a full-throttle return to WWE, one thing fans can certainly expect to see is returning wrestlers.

  1. Expect to be Surprised!

We won’t know who the official entrants will be until we get closer to the Rumble, but we know this: there are bound to be surprised! The WWE Universe thrives on the wow factor. If you look to the past for indications of this, images of the 2011 Rumble, when Diesel surprised fans with a dramatic return to WWE, may come to mind. Or perhaps you’ll have visions of the 2008 Rumble, when AJ Styles made his big WWE debut, putting an end to months of rumors of “will he or won’t he.”


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