4 Great BBQ Places in New York

With spring arriving just a month away, we are fast approaching barbecue season. Although smoked meats are great all year round, we can’t deny that special combination of summer gatherings, light refreshments, and backyard roasters. 

If you don’t have time or space to make it yourself, we are bringing you 4 awesome BBQ restaurants in New York to go with your friends and family to tame those meat cravings of yours. Mmm! Tasty!

Hill Country

Their BBQ restaurant can be found at 30 W 26th St. and it offers a variety of meals from $10 to $109.

In their menu, you can find an assortment of smoked meats. Their customers are always pleased with the quality of their dishes. They never fail to mention that although on the pricier side, their food is delicious.

They offer a variety of side dishes such as Confetti Coleslaw, Sweet Potato Bourbon Mash, and Longhorn Cheddar Mac & Cheese

Some of their customers have said: “We went for an early dinner. We were able to sit outside so it was very quiet except for the bike lane that was right by our table. The food was very good. They have a lunch special on the menu that is really perfect for dinner also. It’s a shame you can’t order it. The waiter was very attentive. Everything was good.”

Their specialties are Beef Brisket, the Dark Meat Chicken, and the Spare Ribs.

Buenos Aires

Located at 513 E 6th St, Buenos Aires offers an all-around gastronomical experience. From the Latin-inspired decor to their variety of dishes and beverages, this restaurant is a favorite among many meat lovers. 

Their meals go from $10 to $90, and their customers always recommend this restaurant not just for the low prices but for the quality of the food and the option to ask for dishes to share. 

Those who have been to Buenos Aires say: “The place is great, there is a good ambient, fast service, and the place looks clean and tidy.”

Their specialties are the boneless loin trip, and for dessert, the caramel custard with homemade cream, caramel, or mixed. 

This restaurant also gives the option of shopping online through their website which includes both meat cuts, pastries —like the traditional “alfajores” and jars of “dulce de leche,” “empanadas,” “yerba mate,” and more.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

With four different restaurants located in Buffalo, Harlem, Rochester, and Brooklyn, “Dinosaur Bar-B-Que” offers a variety of meaty dishes and even some veggie options like the BBQ Vegetarian, the Vegan Bowl and the Veggie Buffalo. 

Their prices range from $7 to $31. Their customers have said that it is a “Great place for a family get-together. Food for all, welcoming. Fun.”

Along with the usual comments, customers mentioned that Dinosaur Bar-B-Que has options for everyone, even vegetarians. Also, the portion size is very generous. 

Mable’s Smokehouse

Located at 44 Berry St. with prices ranging from $6 to $85, “Mable’s Smokehouse” offers a warm, cozy experience, with great quality meats and big portion sizes. 

Their specialties are the Texan Style Brisket, the Pork Ribs, and the Peanut-Butter Pie.

Their customers have said: “Do your taste buds a favor and visit this smokehouse BBQ spot. It was a mouth-watering experience. My fav was the Chopped Beef Brisket and the Mint Lemonade. This place is great! The atmosphere was cool, and the BBQ aroma was even better. I chose to sit inside just so I can smell my food being prepared. Kinda like at grandma’s house.”


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