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5 Addictive Mystery Novels to Read Before Bed

Fun and engaging, Mystery Novels can take you on a murderous journey through unknown lands and times without leaving your seat. They can be romantic and captivating, yet mysterious and spooky.

One thing is certain – they are a great read if you’re looking to escape the problems of everyday life for an hour or two as you immerse yourself in these detective worlds.

There is one for everyone and we have tried to pick a variety of plots and styles so that nobody will feel left out.

  1. “The Shadow’s Secret” by Anna Casamento Arrigo 

Set in Italy, this one is not for the weak of heart. “The Shadow’s Secret” is a supernatural mystery that tells the story of a group of children who go missing in a strange and spooky town. 

The main character, Nunzio, is a passionate idealist priest who falls in love with Mariella, unleashing a scandal in the small town and setting the scene for the violence about to occur.   

  1. “Everyone Burns” by John Dolan

“Everyone Burns” is the first book of the detective series “Time, Blood and Karma” by John Dolan. Set in Thailand, the story follows a middle-aged detective David Braddock as he attempts to solve a double murder that occurred on the island of Samui. 

This mystery has a bit of everything: humor and irony, drama and crime. Although it’s not available in paperback, you can download the Kindle edition for free in Kindle Unlimited. 

  1. “Bitter Flowers” by Gunnar Staalesen

If you are a fan of Nordic Noir mysteries, you might already know this one. 

“Bitter Flowers” is the story of an alcoholic private investigator, Varg Veum, who tries to put together the pieces for a mysterious death in an empty house. 

Bonus points for the author setting this novel in the midst of environmental protests and making a resounding commentary on Capitalism and its effects on the planet. 

  1. “The Dublin Railway Murder” by Thomas Morris

If you like Victorian crime stories, this is your pick. “The Dublin Railway Murder” tells the story of the true homicide of clerk George Little who was savagely beaten to death. The story expands as an investigation to find the killer. 

Thrilling and sensational, the author based this novel on the archives of the police reports from Victorian times.

  1. “Point of Impact” and “Black Light” by Stephen Hunter

This is the story of a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant, Bob Lee Swagger, as he follows through a series of Government missions and discovers some turbulent conspiracies behind them. 

It’s a very entertaining cat-and-mouse story, and you’ll find that Hunter’s depictions of firearms are incredibly detailed and accurate.


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