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Apple Sports will fuel the sports betting fire. (Op-Ed)

Apple has unveiled a new app for iPhone users that will provide “real-time scores, stats, and more, all designed for speed and simplicity.” The app provides information for all leagues that are currently in season. The MLS, NBA, NCAA Basketball (men’s and women’s), NHL, and many more are currently supported with the MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NWSL, and WNBA slated to appear in their respective upcoming seasons.

The app also has a feature that displays live betting odds. This streamlined experience allows for easy access to everything one needs to place the best bets on their favorite sports teams and fantasy lineups. Sports betting has taken off due to services like PrizePicks, Draft Kings, Fan Duel, and many more. Even for those who know little about sports, Apple Sports contains everything you need at your fingertips.

Switching between multiple apps or websites can be daunting when it comes to fast-paced and last-minute bets, but Apple Sports seeks to relieve that pressure. The sheer accessibility of the app gives all users free, current, and accurate information in seconds. This is a game changer! Fans will be able to customize their experience, able to pin specific leagues, teams, and players to the top of their screen. Yet, as with every form of gambling, there are severe risks.

According to OPB, sports betting has “become a more mainstream part of American culture in recent years.” Digital gambling is the new standard for sports bettors, and online gambling spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jeff Marotta, president of Problem Gaming Solutions told OPB that digital gambling is enticing to young people who have grown up surrounded by the internet. “Folks who are engaging in internet gambling — which here in Oregon we’re talking about sports betting primarily — are at much higher risk for developing gambling-related problems,” Marotta said.

It is difficult to put into perspective how much money you are truly spending on an online sportsbook. Bettors could be persuaded to place risky bets and lose large sums of money on a singular game. With the potential that’s sports betting could legally expand to collegiate leagues, this could potentially lead to more gambling addictions with harsh consequences for those who lose.

Apple Sports is an incredible tool for those who love sports, but this app actively encourages betting by displaying live odds. For the average fan, this app is an exciting way to easily connect and stay updated with your favorite team, but for those who are susceptible to gambling addictions, it could drive them into financial ruin.


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