Arizona Goes Far Right in Politics

Arizona is known to be the swing state, but Republican Kari Lake has the right tactics that would turn heads to her direction. She is running to be governor of Arizona. She recently spoke to the suburban areas of southern Arizona, saying that the 2020 election was stolen by Joe Biden. She, among others who claimed that the election was stolen, is among many who see that America is failing in choosing its rightful leader.

Lake said, “We need some people with a backbone to stand up for this country — we had our election stolen. I don’t know if it’s a winning issue, but it’s a winning issue when it comes to saving this country.”

The energy of Republicans has been fired out by the Stop the Steal movement. President Biden did not have high approval ratings as one may think, leading Republicans to shift their focus on fixing the economy.

Kathy Petsas, another Republican, said that “Anybody who is still re-litigating 2020 will lose the general election. I think people at home have caught on, and I don’t think a lot of our candidates have caught on.”

Over three dozen Republicans who are running for office in Arizona said that they are denying their focus on the 2020 election incident, although their target issue does focus on election integrity. Charibeth Davis said that a strong Republican is needed to get rid of RINOs. She felt that Republicans are more similar to the mindsets of many people in the Arizona suburbs.

Many courts and reviews show no evidence of fraud in the 2020 election. There were more votes for Biden than Trump in Maricopa County. Bill Gates favored the results of the election but has received death threats because of it.

Arizona has been a red state for a long time, especially on policies that deal with immigration. What changed was in the past four years, two Democratic senators had been chosen, but Republicans still have the upper hand in policy.

Lake quit working for the local Fox station because she felt that the news is filled with bias. She felt it has brainwashed people in elections and everyday life. She made conspiracy theories about fake news and emphasized that the 2020 election was rigged.

Bob Worley, former state Senator, said, “I am concerned that if these people get elected it will take another decade of craziness. I don’t know who has the stature to say, ‘Let’s bring this party back, bring the establishment base back into power.’ Now we’re a purple state and we don’t have a John McCain to try to crack the whip.”


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