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Gio Urshela and Kenan Thompson Help the Cristian Rivera Foundation Kick-Off Brain Tumor Awareness Month by Honoring “Rock Star” Warrior, Maria Kuenster

To kick off Brain Tumor Awareness Month this May, the Cristian Rivera Foundation arranged for the “Rock Star” Warrior, Maria Kuenster to receive great seats at the Minnesota Twins game last weekend and to meet the CRF 2021 “Heroes Award” winner Gio Urshela. The next morning, they flew her to NYC where she also received special seats for a showing of Saturday Night Live from one of CRF’s most generous board members Kenan Thompson, who also greeted her after the show.

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Interview with Maria Soccor: “Being successful is being happy and doing what you love.”

Multi-award-winning film director, writer, producer, stage and film actress, dancer, and poet—these are just some of Maria Soccor’s roles. Known for her award-winning feature documentary, Lords of BSV, Maria Soccor has proved herself to be a passionate and accomplished artist displaying her versatility through film, theatre, and television. From her childhood, Soccor was influenced by her father and mother’s example. As a child of an immigrant, Maria saw her mother’s struggles firsthand, navigating her way in a new country.

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Baseball Living-Legend Luis Polonia Reflects on his Amazing Career

Luis Polonia is known for his rewarding career of 30 years as a professional baseball player. Playing for five World Series teams, he helped the Atlanta Braves in 1995 and the New York Yankees in 2000 bring home World Series Championships. Polonia was born in Pueblo Nuevo, Dominican Republic. His father wanted to be a baseball player and inspired Polonia to follow his dream of playing baseball.

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Interview with DJ Michael Narvaez: “The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary”

From a young age, DJ Michael Narvaez was captivated by the artistic and musical atmosphere in New York City in the early 70s. Where he grew up in the Bronx, it wasn’t rare for him to hear the inspiring sounds of disco, house music, and hip-hop that shaped his love and passion for music.

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“Even This Will Fade” Lingers in the Mind With Beautiful Stories

“She just hoped Stella would survive, because not everyone did.” – Even This Will Fade by Cassidy Betrand. Everytime I pass by this line, I can’t help but feel the chills crawl through my spine. “Even This Will Fade” is a collection of poems and short stories written by Cassidy Betrand, one of our talented interns at NYC Tastemakers. Each story facilitates a journey in finding a diamond in the rough, catered to personal escape and self-identity.

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Anthony Sant’Anselmo Hits “Rewind” And Takes Us Back In Time With His Basement Video Store!

Anthony Sant’Anselmo remembers with fondness the days that he used to ride his bicycle to local video stores in the San Fernando Valley. While he gawked with wide eyes at the VHS artwork displayed on the shelves, he would fantasize with his friends about how cool it would be to have access to such a wide movie selection from the convenience of their homes.

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Exclusive Interview with Reggaetón Artist DJ Negro: “I’ll die being a musicologist”

Felix Rodríguez, more widely known as DJ Negro, was a key figure in the early days of reggaetón in San Juan, PR as his work on the turntables and in club management contributed to shape the genre. In an interview with NYC Tastemakers, Rodríguez spoke about the start of his career and the difficulties he faced to receive the recognition he deserved in the music industry.

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Q&A with Luis Castillo: “Life is going to throw you curveballs, you’ve got to learn how to hit them.”

Baseball is more than just a game; it has the ability to change lives. Luis Castillo knows that better than anybody else. NYC Tastemakers had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to the best batboy in MLB history, Luis Castillo, who goes by nicknames, “Luigi,” and “Squeegee,” to discuss his amazing eight-year tenure with the Yankees, his love for baseball, and his continued effort to give back.

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Bodega88 is the Best Place for Sports, Drinks, and Great Food!

There’s nothing like the energy of watching a game, match, or fight at a sports bar. The tension between fans …

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Radio personality Jewelz López on how things can change in a moment’s notice

In an interview that took place on her birthday, radio personality and voiceover artist Jewelz López sat down with NYC Tastemakers to speak on her career, her life, and confronting a health barrier.

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Feature: Rhina Valentin

Rhina Valentin, also known as “La Reina del Barrio,” is a television host who’s focus lies in building bridges between communities and fostering empathy by sharing human-centered stories of these themes. She has been recognized for her unique and creative approach to celebrating and advocating for diversity, allowing her to become a beloved spokesperson for her own community.

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John Tateishi and the Fight for a Better Tomorrow

Our country is guilty of a multitude of injustices and wrongdoings. One of the greatest social injustices in American history …

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