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Why does College Basketball Get a Bad Reputation?

In recent years college basketball has garnered many criticisms for its apparent monotony. When criticizing the game, sports critics and fans alike point to a nostalgic time period of college basketball glory days where games were high scoring and fast paced. The sports illustrated article written by Seth Davis outlined that the games today are bad because of “incessant timeouts, fouls that dragged out the ends of games, control-freak coaches and physical defense.” Davis based his work on the findings of quant Ken Pomeroy who found that the last time college basketball’s overall scoring reached this low was in 1952. According to Pomeroy, “Until the pace of change speeds up dramatically, this once-beautiful game will grind to a halt.”

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Behind the Controversy: The Prince of Wales Shows Support for English Team Before World Cup

Controversy broke out the other day when Prince Charles, a.k.a. The Prince of Wales, publicly supported the English soccer team, The Three Lions. The root of the issue has to do with the fact that his very title is meant to symbolize his loyalty and devotion to the country of Wales. Many were upset by his backing of The Three Lions in preparation for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, as he supported the team that is in competition with the Welsh team, The Dragons.

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Messi and Cristiano, Their Last World Cup?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is now only six days away. Nations have announced their teams for the tournament as many new names are making their dreams of representing their country come true. There are also a number of soccer stars playing in what could very well be their last World Cup.
Although Ronaldo and Messi are not even among the five oldest players at this World Cup, rumors are strong that it could be their last. The former Ballon d’Or winners have not had a great professional year. For starters, neither of the soccer captains reached the ten first positions of the French annual soccer award.

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Marlins Name Caroline O’Connor as President in Historical Promotion

The Miami Marlins made sports business history again Monday when the team promoted Caroline O’Conner to President of Business Operations, becoming the first professional U.S. sports team to have women serving simultaneously as president and general manager. Kim Ng was named GM in 2020, the first woman to hold that position. The announcement was posted to the Marlins’ official Twitter account, accompanied by a statement from Marlins chairman and principal owner Bruce Sherman.

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Tom Brady and the Buccaneers Make Historic Win in Germany

Don’t count Tom Brady out as a history-maker just yet. On Sunday, the decorated Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback led his team to a historic 21-16 victory against the Seattle Seahawks at Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, marking their first regular season game and victory in the country. With the victory, Brady also became the first quarterback in the NFL to start a regular season game in three different countries outside of the U.S.

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Dua Lipa Responds to Rumors About Performing at the 2022 World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is already off to a dramatic start with less than 6 says before the event actually begins. Rumors and unfulfilled commitments are the themes that the press for this event has lingered on. Thankfully one of the rumors surrounding the series has been cleared up.

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How Has Qatar Prepared for the FIFA World Cup

The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar this year from November 20th to December 18th. In preparation for the games Qatar has built seven new stadiums, a brand new airport, metro system and around 100 new hotels. Along with the seven new stadiums and infrastructure projects Qatar has built a whole new city which surrounds the stadium where the final game will be held.

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Should Extreme Sports Be Banned?

Extreme sports have caused 4 million injuries since the year 2000 and 40,000 head and neck injuries annually, according to But they still continue to be played everyday! Some examples of these sports include BMX biking, skateboarding, mountain-climbing, snowboarding, and skiing. They are sports that have a dangerous twist. Unlike common sports like football, extreme sports are for people that are thrill-seekers and crave adrenaline. But my question is: is it worth the risk of dying? I would personally never partake in any of these sports.

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Jacque Vaughn is Named as Nets New Head Coach

No stranger to drama lately, the Nets eschewed a protracted coaching search and made a quick decision to hire someone familiar. On Wednesday, they named Jacques Vaughn as their new head coach. Vaughn has been an assistant with the team since 2016 and was named interim coach after Brooklyn and former coach Steve Nash parted ways on November 1.

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Bills’ Josh Allen Being Evaluated for UCL Injury

According to a source who spoke to ESPN, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is currently undergoing evaluation for a right elbow injury to the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) and related nerves. NFL Insider Ian Rapoport Tweeted about the news, The injury was sustained during the final minutes of the Bills vs New York Jets game Sunday night (Nov. 6), in which the Bills lost 20-17. Jets defensive lineman Bryce Huff got past backup right tackle David Quessenberry, who’s currently substituting for Spencer Brown, and hit Allen’s throwing arm, which resulted in a strip sack recovered by Buffalo.

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California Voters Vote Against Sports Gambling

What was the most expensive ballot issue in U.S. history was turned over on Tuesday, when an overwhelming majority of California voters voted against two proposals that would have enabled sports betting in the state. The two propositions on the ballot, Proposition 26, and Proposition 27, were being campaigned by California’s Native American tribal governments, who were hoping to legalize sports betting at tribal casinos, and sports betting companies like DraftKings and FanDuel, who were hoping to expand their market throughout the state.

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Dwight Howard to Play For Taiwan’s Taoyuan Leopards

Former Los Angeles Lakers center and eight-time NBA All Star Dwight Howard is moving his basketball home overseas. The pro athlete announced via Instagram Monday (Nov. 7) that he’s joining Taiwanese basketball team Taoyuan Leopards, a newly-founded professional team based in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.“Taiwan, this Dwight Howard AKA Superman”, Howard said in the video, originally posted on the Leopards’ Instagram page. “I am so, so excited, and I can’t wait to touch down in Taiwan and start playing for the Taoyuan City Leopards.”

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