Biden adds Neera Tanden as Domestic Policy Advisor

On Friday, President Biden tapped Staff Secretary Neera Tanden as new Domestic Policy advisor, as Susan Rice will be stepping down at the end of the month.  Stepping up into Tanden’s current role is Stephanie Felder, who has been a long-time advisor to Biden and currently serves as deputy assistant and senior adviser to the White House domestic policy adviser.

Speaking to the choice and unique qualifications for the new role, Biden had this to say about Tanden: “While growing up, Neera relied on some of the critical programs that she will oversee as Domestic Policy Advisor.  I know those insights will serve my Administration and the American people well.”

Tanden also keeps with Biden’s promise to keep diversity at the forefront of his choices, as Tanden will be the first Asian American to lead a White House policy council.  

Tanden has enjoyed a long career under noticeable Democrat favorites, starting with her close relationship with the Clintons.  She served as an associate director for policy advisor in Bill Clinton’s administration, as well as a domestic policy advisor for Hillary Clinton, who she considers a close friend.  Tanden also worked on several Hillary Clinton campaigns, including a successful senatorial campaign in 2000 and as Policy Director for Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential campaign against former President Donald J. Trump.

She went on to serve as domestic policy advisor under the Obama administration, helping the push for clean energy subsidies and sensible gun reform, as well as becoming a key architect in the Affordable Care Act.  

Tanden does bring some controversy with her, as she has a checkered past with being openly and harshly critical both behind closed doors and on social media.  Notably, in her bid to head the Office of Management and budget in 2021 under Biden, she lost the support of key centrists who cited her tweets (including one comparing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to Harry Potter supervillain Voldemort).  Shortly afterward, she withdrew her nomination for the position.  


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