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Biden Signs New Executive Order For U.S. Government To Be Carbon Neutral by 2050

President Joe Biden is using the federal government’s massive buying power to jump start the market for clean energy, electric vehicles, and more efficient buildings. 

In a new executive order, Biden set new goals for the government to cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 65% by the end of this decade and to zero out federal emissions by 2050. The order put the U.S. in line with the global target to reach net-zero carbon emissions by the middle of the century, with many scientists saying that it is necessary to help with climate change. 

The President also establishes a “Clean Energy” policy, which directs the federal government to use lower-emissions construction materials and calls for the government to use 100% clean electricity by 2030.

“The executive order will reduce emissions across federal operations, invest in American clean energy industries and manufacturing, and create clean, healthy, and resilient communities,” the White House said.

The new order is the latest effort by Biden’s administration to speed up the economy’s broader transition from fossil fuels and grow the marketplace for cleaner technologies. They intend to spend billions of dollars from the bipartisan infrastructure law and the Build Back Better Act, if it passes, to replace its 600,000 cars and trucks with an all-electric fleet and upgrade the efficiency in its 300,000 buildings.

Biden also pledges that light-duty vehicles purchased by the government will be zero-emission by 2027 and says all vehicles should meet the standard by 2035. During his trip in Missouri, Biden highlighted how modern public transits, such as electric buses, have helped Kansas City to meet its emission goals and help with climate change. 


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