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I’m sure some of us were not expecting a stay-at-home order to motivate us to buy more books, but according to some major sales reports, it clearly has!

Many have been flocking to online retailers, not for clothing or accessories, but for a new read to dig their noses into! Sites like Barnes and Noble have been selling more books than they had been during the times when the stay-at-home order was not in place.

Other than popular book retailers seeing their glory, older and more unknown sites like “Book of the Month” have capitalized on this sudden rush of demand and have kicked into high gear offering their customers promotional discounts and memberships to continue reading a new book a month for stellar prices.

Book of the Month offers its customers to choose from the “best new and early releases” for $9.99 on their first order. The site scours new releases to choose five top picks for each month and give their users a choice to pick between which read suits them.

Since 1926, Book of the Month has been uncovering new reads and new voices. And you can see their past selections and choose from them as well. They have picks in many different categories and also follow the latest trends and news cycles.

The steps are simple and laid out in a user-friendly manner on their site.

Step 1: Pick your book!

Book of the Month carries themselves highly to find “the best new reads – with an emphasis on early releases, fresh perspectives, and debut authors.”

Step 2: Get your box.

The site says to keep an eye out for their bright blue box, and “trust us, you’re going to want to cancel all your plans.”

Step 3: Skip whenever.

If you’re falling behind on your reading list, the site allows you to skip any month or roll your credits over, no questions asked.

They also give you a cute bookmark to save your place in your book with each purchase.

If you’re looking for a new way to get out of your own reality and step into another, try out Book of the Month and see if you can find a new world of your own!

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