Climate Activists Will Rally at White House

Climate activists are coming together again to act on climate change at the White House and numerous large cities including Atlanta and Phoenix. Vincent Vertuccio organized many students across the United States for the “Fight for Our Future” rally. Their goal is to press on the government to cut pollution because it is affecting the planet in heating up temperatures more than ever. The people involved in the protest will include youth activists, labor unions, civil rights groups and mainstream environmental organizations.

Although the atmosphere is warming to dangerous levels, the legislature’s focus on the November midterm elections will make it everso more difficult for the United States to put their attention to climate change. Vertuccio said, “Young people elected Joe Biden to take action. If we do not see climate action taken, I think that will be a massive betrayal from the Democratic Party to young people.” President Biden has made some attempts to improve the conditions of climate change, but he quickly gets rejected from the Republicans. The conservative majority in the Supreme Court will challenge Joe Biden in making new rules on greenhouse gasses and other forms of pollution.

The war in Ukraine has also posed some challenges for the United States to stray away from greenhouse gasses. The prices of gas have risen, and President Joe Biden allowed more petroleum to be acquired from the United States’s natural resources to support families in getting transportation to work. The summer months will be suffering with ethanol, further contributing to the climate change issue of the States.

Rob Sherrell, an oceanographer and professor at Rutgers University, said, “We’re in severe danger and I’m honestly very scared. Our government has done virtually nothing about this problem for decades now.” He adds, “Students are exhausted and they’re demoralized.”

Young people have constantly reminded everyone that climate change is one of their biggest problems they are trying to solve. Christy Goldfuss, the senior vice president for energy and environment policy at the Center for American Progress, expressed, “You’ll have a set of youth organizers who we’ve been working with closely who feel the system is broken and needs to be blown up, who will no longer see any opportunity in working with either party.”

On Friday, President Biden will go to Seattle to speak about pressing issues on climate change. He will discuss about utilizing more solar and wind power and regulations on carbon dioxide emissions from tailpipes and methane from oil and gas wells.


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