Colt Keith signs onto the Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers have officially brought on a new member to its team. According to their Sunday press release, the Tigers completed a six-year USD 28.6 million contract with infield prospect Colt Keith. The Tigers had been previously eyeing Keith as a prospective candidate and this contract only cements their eagerness to have him on the team.

Previously, Keith was picked up in the fifth round of the 2020 amateur draft from his Mississippi High School. According to, this is the largest contract the Tigers signed with a player before their debut as well as the first-ever for the team.

In addition to the $28.6 million, the contract includes an additional $2 million signing bonus as well as club options and escalators from 2030 through 2032. This contract could make Keith up to $82 million. According to the Tigers’ president of baseball operations Scott Harris, this contract exemplified the Tigers’ commitment to continuing to develop and retain their young talent.

“Colt has done everything we’ve asked of him during his young career, improving all facets of his game and asserting himself as one of the sport’s most promising young players,” said Harris. “This contract demonstrates our faith in Colt and this organization’s commitment to acquire, develop, and retain young talent.”

Keith himself shared his excitement at the deal going through in a statement, thanking the Tiger’s staff, his teammates, friends, and family on his journey towards this moment.

“I couldn’t be more excited to reach this agreement, securing my place in this organization for years to come,” said Keith. “Since being drafted in 2020, all the coaches and staff have been invaluable in helping me and my teammates grow on and off the field. There’s a reason I felt strongly about making a long-term commitment to be here and being surrounded by incredibly talented teammates and coaches is a big part of that”.


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