Crazy Stupid Me?

Ryan Gosling, what a babe, hunkarama, genuine hottie tottie and incredible actor. Beware the “Ides of March”? How about beware the girlfriend of September. Why is he dating Eva Mendes? I know, I would probably say that about practically anyone he dated other than me, except of course Rachel McAdams, because for some reason their love just seemed so real and so right. I can’t be the only girl who’s crying about their real life breakup. Then again his love affair with the precious Emma Stone in “Crazy Stupid Love” was also pretty oowy gooey undeniably sweet, but Ryan and Eva? I’m not feelin’ it. I’m having doubts the way I did when Brad Pitt started dating Jennifer Anniston. Both amazing in their own right, but they just seem to be on different playing fields. Perhaps I’m so entangled in the world of Ryan’s film career that I would first have to see him in a love affair with Eva on the big screen before approving. For now the pictures of them canoodling at Disney World aren’t cutting it for me.
It seems it’s come to my believing in Ryan’s characters more than the pictures taken by the paparazzi, because people he’s just that good. C’mon he’s in three stellar movies right now, ridiculous! By ridiculous I mean awesome. Of course we all loved him in The Notebook; I know grown men who have cried in that flick, but his performances in Half Nelson and Lars and the Real Girl were both, hands down, superb. Ryan, you can “Drive” me anywhere, anytime, that is of course if my boyfriend let you, which he probably would, because he may have a man crush, for which I would not blame him.


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