Death of the Diva Dilemma

There are few things we like to see more than a couple of hip-hop’s debutants duke it out over whatever has bruised their egos this week. Unfortunately, our hopes for a Nicki vs. Mariah showdown have been shut down, according to People magazine. Despite the fact that the American Idol panelists exchanged some catty remarks during auditions in Charlotte, N.C., the kitty claws have apparently retracted. According to reports, the divas are now getting along famously. Keith Urban has even gone as far as to use the word “synergy” to describe the judge’s work dynamic. We’re sure Nicki and Mariah will become the best of frenemies, which of course is good news for Idol host Ryan Seacrest. He had to play referee during Simon and Paula’s flirty play fights back in the day and would probably rather not have to babysit the judges once again…especially if it means getting in the middle of a full-on cat fight! Let’s hope they can keep the peace. Or not. A little diva drama will make for some great TV.


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