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Photo Credit: Unsplash / Florian Olivo

Even though Esports and Virtual reality are growing in popularity, it will never replace traditional sports (Op-Ed)

The rise of electronic sports (esports) in the information era has changed the face of competitive entertainment forever. But with all the hype around video games, one must wonder: Will old-school athletics be able to survive the invasion of technological advancements? Even if esports are growing in popularity, conventional sports are still very much alive and well.

Esports’ skyrocketing rise, with its multimillion-dollar events and worldwide audience, certainly grabs people’s attention. Traditional sports continue to have a special place in people’s hearts and minds. The sound of a sold-out stadium and the customs that have stood the test of time are testaments to the fact that athletics is more than just pixels on a screen.

Traditional sports are often defended by the fact that they are easy for anybody to participate in. Football and baseball, in contrast to esports, which can need a subtle grasp of intricate game mechanics, provide simple rules and goals that appeal to spectators of various ages and origins. Sports that have always been played by people all over the world bring people together in ways that are hard to do in the virtual world.

Additionally, conventional sports have a more visceral appeal due to their physicality than esports do. Audiences are enthralled by the spectacle of sportsmen exceeding human limits on the ice or field, an experience that cannot be replaced by virtual contests. As exciting and spectacular as esports are, they can’t compare to the real deal when it comes to pure athleticism and adrenaline.

The cultural importance of traditional sports is another important factor to think about. Football and baseball, among others, have been an integral part of people’s lives and communities for many years, and they continue to do so today. These games are more than just a source of amusement; the traditions and rituals that surround them create an atmosphere of belonging and nostalgia.

The commercial and economic foundations that have always supported conventional sports are also strong and will remain so. The endurance and success of major sports leagues are supported by the money they make from media deals, sponsorships, and retail sales. Even if esports are becoming more popular, they still lack the financial security and institutional backing of more conventional forms of competitive gaming.

Conventional sports will always have a place in the digital era, even if esports are at the forefront of contemporary competition. There is something about traditional sports that has always appealed to people, whether it’s because of their accessibility, cultural relevance, or the fact that they are physically demanding and exciting. No matter how much the sports and entertainment industries change, one thing is constant: the drive to win will follow us everywhere. 


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