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First ‘digital kitchen’ in Austin by Whataburger

Prepare to step into the future of Whataburger with their latest innovation – the digital kitchen. This groundbreaking concept is set to debut at the Austin-based Whataburger store located in West Austin, making it the first of its kind among the chain’s nearly 900 locations nationwide.

While Whataburger enthusiasts across the U.S. are no strangers to the restaurant’s delectable offerings, it is the lucky residents of Austin who will be the trailblazers, experiencing firsthand the convenience and efficiency of this cutting-edge digital system.

Digital kitchens are kitchens that harness the power of technology, utilizing mobile order-ahead apps and websites, third-party delivery services, or self-service kiosks to streamline operations and maximize efficiency.

The Bee Cave location in Austin will be the pioneer in incorporating this high-tech system, focusing primarily on to-go orders, a nod to the ever-increasing demand for quick and convenient dining options.

So, what sets this “digital kitchen” apart from your typical fast-food joint? To begin with, say goodbye to the traditional drive-thru – it’s time to welcome the “digital pick-up lane.” Here’s how it works: customers can effortlessly place their orders through the Whataburger app or at one of the user-friendly kiosks stationed within the store. Once the order is confirmed, it will be swiftly prepared and placed in a secure locker designated for easy pickup.

Alexander Ivannikov, Whataburger’s Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, expressed his excitement about this innovative venture, stating, “We’re thrilled to introduce Whataburger’s first digital kitchen in Austin’s Bee Cave, providing newer, faster, and more convenient ways to serve our guests while offering an elevated digital experience.”

This digital transformation also means a shift in the workforce. With efficiency being the core focus, Whataburger will employ around 50 staff members dedicated to managing and overseeing the operations of the digital kitchen.

Although the opening date for the digital kitchen in Austin’s Bee Cave is yet to be announced, one thing is certain – Whataburger is investing heavily in this transformative concept. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation reveals that the estimated cost for the renovation amounts to a staggering $150,150,938.

The Whataburger franchise has always prided itself on providing exceptional service and lip-smacking burgers, and now, with the introduction of the digital kitchen, they aim to take the fast-food game to a whole new level.


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