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Food delivery service pricing and quality standards are unacceptable (Op-Ed)

There’s no doubt that we live in a world of convenience, surrounded by technology and services that allow us to get practically anything we’d like at the touch of a few buttons through a screen. 

Food delivery is no exception to this. With a variety of companies hosting our favorite corporate restaurant chains, local eateries, and more, the temptation to order a quick snack or a full dinner night in can be quite powerful.

These companies, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub, to name a few, are fully aware of this, and have taken it upon themselves to take advantage of and abuse their customer bases to levels never seen before over the last several years. Behind the facade of quick and easy meals lies a darker truth. Lurking beneath the surface of this seemingly seamless service lies a troubling reality: a surge in unfair pricing tactics and a decline in product quality.

The allure of ordering a meal with just a few taps on a smartphone has led many to overlook the hidden costs of these conveniences. 

First and foremost, the pricing structure of these delivery apps often imposes inflated costs on consumers. Beyond the base price of the meal itself, customers are frequently burdened with additional fees, surcharges, and inflated menu prices that are not reflective of in-house costs. 

What initially appears as a convenient solution to satisfy hunger can quickly transform into a costly endeavor, leaving many feeling duped by deceptive pricing practices, not including tipping drivers who deliver the order itself. 

Furthermore, the quality of products delivered through these platforms often falls short of expectations. From soggy fries to lukewarm entrees, the journey from restaurant to doorstep can take a toll on the integrity of the food. In their rush to fulfill orders efficiently, delivery drivers may prioritize speed over quality, resulting in compromised meals that fail to live up to the standards set by dining in or picking up directly.

As consumers, it’s essential to recognize the true cost of convenience and demand transparency and accountability from food delivery platforms. 

By shedding light on unfair pricing tactics and advocating for higher standards of product quality, we can push for meaningful change in an industry that too often prioritizes profit over customer satisfaction.


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