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Food on the Go: The Best Food Trucks in NYC

Recently, Zagat has compiled a list of the best food trucks in and around the city which makes hungry travelers really happy on their way home from work. Nothing is more convenient than food wrapped up in tin foil for mess saving efficiency! And the awards go to:

      1. 5.

Korilla Food Truck

      1. – The Korean Barbecue Truck launched by a young Columbia graduate and winner of the Vendy Award for Rookie of the Year. The combination of Mexican burritos and tacos with Korean BBQ and kimchi will make any mouth water.



      1. 4.

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck

      1. – Consistently ranked as one of the city’s best ice cream vendors, Van Leeuwan sells the traditional ice cream flavors like chocolate and vanilla along with specialty flavors like ginger and red currant.



      1. 3.

Wafels & Dinges

      1. – Authentic Belgian waffles taken to the extreme. These waffles come in either savory or sweet, with curious toppings like pulled pork or just plain old butter.



      1. 2.

Taim Mobile

      1. – A popular falafel and smoothie truck born of the West Village institution. Consistently lauded as one of the tastiest falafel joints in the city, and their Harisa falafels keep people coming back time and time again.



      1. 1.


      1. – City seafood sensation Luke’s Lobster recently rolled out Nauti and the lobster-roll serving truck took top honors. Buttery Lobster and Crabmeat on top of a perfectly toasted hotdog bun? Nothing beats that.


So the next time you’re craving something easy to munch on, hopefully one of these trucks will be parked near you! Otherwise, you can check their websites for their daily locations.


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