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Four Women Olympians Working to Break the Mold of Media Coverage in Sports

Four US Olympians have joined forces to start a new company.  Sue Bird, Alex Morgan, Simone Manuel, and Chloe Kim are working together to boost attention on women in sports and the media. They announced the company, TOGETHXR, on Tuesday. They say the company is a media and commerce company for Gen Z and young millennial women.

Male sports have dominated the media while the number of female athletes continues to grow.  The lack of media coverage for these athletes allows women’s sports to fall on the backburner, as lack of coverage detrimentally impacts women’s sports.

With women’s sports only receiving a fraction of the coverage of men’s sports, professional women’s athletics are largely underfunded and underappreciated.  A lack of coverage leads to a lack of a fan base for these sports and lack of investment of sponsors.

I have often heard peers of mine refer to the lack of interest in women’s sports allotted to the lack of talent or competitive nature in women’s sports, citing men’s sports as naturally more exciting.  This, however, is far from the case. This new company is exactly what is needed to break the cycle that is holding women’s sports back.  These four women have proven the dedication and talent present within women’s sports and are now working to better the industry for the future of women’s athletics.


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