Gossip Girls Saying her Final XOXO

Set in the Upper East Side of our own New York City, this story has exhibited twists and turns
of the utmost surprise. It held us to the edges of our seats and dying for the next episode to
air. They wore clothes we wanted and drama we didn’t and hundreds of text messages, blog
posts and steamy love affairs later, Gossip Girl could possibly be coming to an end. It was
2012 when Leighton Meester met with Mark Malkin of E! Online and reported that, in two
years the show will finish in the sixth season. A shortened season, as it seems. Sadly, those
two years brings us to current-day. A sad current-day, but at least there are always season
packages. We’ll never forget Chuck’s snake-like charm, Serena’s stellar wardrobe or Nate’s
beautiful baby blues. At least we finally know who Gossip Girl really is- for those who don’t,
I’ll never tell.


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