Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels catch Verizon Thief

This past Sunday NYC Guardian Angels Milton and Sylvia were patrolling the annual Kew Gardens Street Fair in Queens. About 1/2 way through the day a Verizon store customer was chasing a guy who had just robbed 3 cell phones from the store. Milton and Sylvia joined the chase and ran him down by 68th street and Queens Blvd. where the thief dove under a parked car. Milton and Sylvia dragged him out from under the parked car and placed him under citizen’s arrest. The NYPD from the 114th Pct. came and took him to the Precinct where he was booked. All 3 cell phones were recovered. The thief was 24 years old.

The Guardian Angels went to the Verizon Store which was located at 70th Rd. and Austin Street. The Manager Mrs. Latoya thanked Milton and Sylvia and told them that was the 3rd Verizon store robbed just this past week in Queens. There have been a rash of robberies of mobile phone stores throughout Queens. Remember recently a NYPD cop was killed stopping a Phone store robbery in Richmond Hill, Queens.

Milton and Sylvia have been leaders and trainers in the Guardian Angels since the 1980’s when they joined in the South Bronx.

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