Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels conduct first patrol in Pacific Beach, San Diego

The Pacific Beach section of San Diego’s Guardian Angels have begun their first patrols.It took a great regional and local effort to get to this point. Locally Sarah Bonesteel is over seeing our efforts. Greg Frasier is conducting the training. Elizar and Patrick have travelled to Pacific Beach twice to help coordinate the local effort. Remember it was just weeks ago that Elizar and Patrick visited from the Sacramento area. They joined a community march against the growing crime problem and the very next day started to sign up local recruits for the Pacific Beach area Chapter of the Guardian Angels. The problems of the homeless and Emotionally Disturbed spilling into the streets and alleyways has contributed to a growing drug problem which then fuels the local crime problem. The local people decided ENOUGH was ENOUGH. One of the ways they are fighting back is to organize a Guardian Angel Street Patrol. They have established working relationships with local law enforcement and the elected officials. They are partners with other groups that also DARE TO CARE who are trying to improve the quality of life.

Unfortunately these same problems are affecting many of California’s Big and Small cities. It’s towns and villages. The Guardian Angels are leading the way to show local communities how to take back their streets, parks and public areas.Our Government has failed to come up with solutions so now it’s time for the citizens to take action through the vehicle that
we created 40 years ago. The Guardian Angels

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