Healthy Do It Yourself Popsicles!

That summer heat is here and you want something to cool down or did you just finish an insane workout and you want a rewarding treat?  Ice cream? Maybe.  A popsicle? Sure. But aren’t popsicles unhealthy, loaded with calories and sugar? Here is a solution, there are delicious popsicles that are low calorie and full of healthy vitamins and nutrients, they can be made in the comfort of your own home using ingredients that you already have!
To make any popsicle, you will need a 3-ounce Dixie Cup to hold the mixture and a craft stick to place in the mixture when it is partially frozen!  Or you can use ready-made molds like the Tovolo Groovy Freezer Pop Molds ($10 from Bed Bath and Beyond).
You can choose your favorite 100% fruit juice and pour into the mold!  To be more creative, you can mix your favorite fruit juices!   Or make your favorite smoothie and place into the mold!
After placing the mixture into the mold, place it into freezer and leave it until the mixture is completely firm. It should take approximately 5 to 6 hours.
To take the mixture out of the mold, briefly dip the molds into hot water.  Then you are set to enjoy this refreshing and healthy treat!


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