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House Speaker Mike Johnson cannot be trusted. (Op-Ed)

As Republicans threaten a vote to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson from his role, Johnson takes to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago to show close ties to the former President and make a comment on “election integrity.” Trump still has sway over the Republican party, and his views on certain issues, such as sending aid to Ukraine, could sway the Republican vote. “I don’t ever comment on my private conversations with President Trump, but I’m looking forward to going to Florida and spend some time with him,” Johnson told reporters in Washington. Why is the House Speaker meeting with a disgraced former president who is not in any current position of power to discuss important matters? From his hatred of LGBTQIA+ rights, to MAGA extremism and election denialism, to anti-abortion sentiment, and distaste for gun violence prevention, Mike Johnson is not for the people and cannot be trusted.

Mike Johnson is rolling back human and civil rights with a villainous ease. His wife runs a Christian counseling service that firmly believes that sex is offensive to God if it is not between a man and a woman who are married to each other. These policies put being gay, bisexual, or transgender in the same category as someone who has sex with animals or family members, calling all of these examples of ‘sexual immorality.’ When asked about his former homophobic comments, Johnson merely replied, “Go pick up a Bible.” How is this man House Speaker? His outdated, bigoted worldview is toxic and directly impacts thousands of LGBTQIA+ Americans who simply just want to live their lives free from violence and oppression.

He also believes that churches are under constant assault and that Christian viewpoints are “censored and silenced.” Johnson favors overturning the 1954 Johnson Amendment, which prevents churches from engaging in any political campaign activity if they want to keep their tax-exempt status. What happened to the separation of church and state? What about Americans who are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, atheist, or any other religion? Johnson wants a white, Christian nationalist nation that actively strips the rights of minorities. He takes on the extremist worldview that God made America to be the promised land for European Christians.

On the 2020 election, Johnson said there was “a lot of merit” to voting machine conspiracy theories, and believes when Trump says the election was “rigged” that this is the truth.

Conspiracy theorist, white nationalist, LGBTQIA-phobic, and religious zealot Mike Johnson cannot be trusted with national secrets. Not only is sensitive information being shared with Trump, but the former president is using Johnson as a puppet to continue his reign of terror.


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