How Parenting Styles Have Changed Over the Years

Parenting styles have drastically changed over the years. Parenting is not a “one size fits all” type of deal. It is rather unique to every mother and father and how they intend on raising their children. In the 1900s, specifically the 70s-90s, parents took a more traditional approach to raising their kids. Now in the 21st century, there has become a more modern attitude when it comes to the matter. Both parenting styles definitely have their own set of pros and cons. 

The Traditional Parenting Style

The traditional style can sometimes be painted as overly strict and authoritarian. This method worked very well for its time. Parents who implemented this style were very into rules and regulations. They set strict boundaries and weren’t known for cutting much slack. As harsh as that may sound, this style definitely taught children to be more independent. Kids 30 years ago were able to make their own choices and proceed with smart actions, as this parenting style gave them a firm structure. 

The downside that research has shown of this style of parenting is that children may feel resentful towards their parents. “Because I said so” was a famous quote said by many authoritarian parents. These feelings can lead to future behavioral problems. Some punishments that were popular back in the day would be viewed now as cruel, like the wooden spoon for example. 

The Modern Parenting Style

A method that is a lot more popular in today’s world is the modern parenting style. With this approach, parents give their children more freedom and independence. Some people argue that these types of parents show their kids they love them more than traditional parents did, not necessarily that they do love them more, but they show it more. 

Modern parenting isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. There’s something to say about a kid with a strong backbone, and a lot of times children raised in this day and age grow up to be very soft and want things handed to them. As good as it is to show overwhelming support to your child, discipline can be just as important for them to succeed.

Another way to describe modern parenting is as permissive. They sometimes view their parent-to-children as more of a friendship, which could help with bonding, but also could allow room for the child to easily take advantage of their parents. 

Main Differences Between the two Parenting Styles

No one could say traditional parenting is more effective than modern parenting, or vice versa. As times change, our ideologies change as well, and someone who wishes to raise their kids in a traditional household might have a harder time now than they would’ve 30 years ago. A lot of factors may play a part in this drastic change in parenting methods, such as technology, school curriculum, new lifestyle techniques, and just changes in the world in general. 

When becoming a first-time parent and wondering what is the best way to raise your child, just remember that having a happy and healthy kid is always the most important.


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