How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

Whether it’s for an upcoming trip or the sake of minimalism, being able to build a capsule wardrobe is a valuable skill for fashion lovers everywhere. Coined by Susie Faux in the 1970s, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of interchangeable clothing. Pieces in a capsule wardrobe are carefully selected to ensure that each item can complement the others. The main goal is to maximize the number of possible outfits while minimizing the actual amount of clothing.

Typically, a capsule wardrobe will vary between 30-50 total items, including clothing, shoes, and even accessories. Every article in a capsule wardrobe should be adored, with the ability for repetitive wear. Owning only go-to, favored items allows for less clutter and stress, both in the physical space and mentally. The minimalist style is also a great practice for saving money and becoming more intentional.

While the idea is not a new phenomenon, the styling method has taken off recently, especially on Pinterest. Building a capsule wardrobe takes patience and willpower. It may sound preposterous but getting rid of belongings is hard work. Plenty of studies show that individuals tend to value items they already own much more highly than would normally, simply because it’s theirs. For that reason, closet cleanouts are often stress-inducing, especially if that means cutting the collection to 50 items or less.

To create a capsule wardrobe, the first steps are becoming clear on your style goals and deciding what designs, colors, and textures make you feel the best. Once you nail down these crucial stages, the rest is smooth sailing. Well, until it’s time to edit your belongings.

Next, take inventory of your closet. Every item that does not align with your goal, does not make you feel confident, or cannot match every other piece in your wardrobe, has got to go. Sayonara!

Now here comes the fun part: buying new clothes (if needed)! When doing so, focus on quality. Since you will be wearing these items over and over, they need to be in great condition. If you’re new to shopping, hi, how are yah? Start off your new collection with these key closet staples:

A great pair of jeans

The perfect white T-shirt

A chic blazer

A flattering dress

A timeless white button-down

A form-fitting body suit

Trouser pants

A light-weight sweater

A neutral sweatshirt

A durable handbag

A pair of leather loafers


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