IMpatiently Waiting For Summer

While the rest of us came back to work after relaxing at home with families and copious amounts of food for Easter weekend, Beyonce & Company were relaxing on the Caribbean Island of St. Barts. Current weather conditions offer partly sunny skies, 85 degrees and approaching 90 in the late afternoon. (Throws scowl out the window at the cloudy New York sky.) Here, she is pictured in a $960 oversized Etro printed silk coverall on another almost 90 degree day looking fabulous. There are several concepts we can take away from this look:
1) Keep an open mind for what the item looks like on the hanger versus what it will look like on you and what you can add to make it “yours.” Noticed how on the right the dress looks extremely old fashioned and a little grandma-chic? Notice also how she cinches the waist with a rope belt to accentuate where her curves begin and how it still gives her a relaxed fit.
2) Finding a shoe that subtly matches something else in the ensemble. The dark blue segment toward the middle is bordered by a straight line of a pattern. Now take a look at her sandals, whose studs are arranged in a similar fashion.
3) One article of color will brighten an overall pale pallet, like the tricolor beach bag on her shoulder.
4) She keeps her hair in a sleek bun, exposing her shoulders and the openness of the unbuttoned collar that would have otherwise been hidden.
Overall, she did a fabulous job pairing here. Good eye, B!P.s. We wouldn’t be mad if you brought some 90 degree weather back to NYC. Thanks!


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