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Photo Credit: Boyd A. Loving

Investigation launched into New Jersey restaurant shooting followed by dramatic car crash

Beginning with a gunshot incident at a restaurant in Newark, the biggest city in the state, authorities in New Jersey are presently investigating a sequence of events that occurred early Monday. Law enforcement officers were perplexed by the apparent correlation between the two events, which culminated to a horrific automobile catastrophe.

The events that transpired show that at around 3 a.m., officers arrived in response to gunshot sounds in the 700 block of Sanford Avenue. Officers arrived and found a guy suffering from gunshot wounds; he was quickly taken to a local hospital. His injuries are thankfully not considered life-threatening.

Officers found the victim of the gunshot as well as a wrecked car that had overturned and its passengers had to be rescued. It is believed that both people in the accident will miraculously make a full recovery.

A limited power outage was caused by the downfall of a light post and transformer after the vehicle accident. The appropriate utility authorities have been alerted and will handle the matter as soon as possible.

Many questions still have not been resolved, even with these new revelations. No information has been released by the police on the restaurant where the shooting occurred, and the connection between the incident and the accident is still unknown.

Reports from onlookers help to clarify the tumultuous situation, as they describe past incidents in the vicinity and demand more safety protocols.

Both citizens and government officials are left to try to make sense of the situation while the inquiry progresses, hoping that things would become clearer and resolved soon.


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